Well.. we weren’t driving but I choose the title because it rimes. 🙂

Serendipity. This is one of my favourite English words. I think serendipity is a wonderful gift of life. Also this is one of the reasons why I travel. It’s not just applied for new cities or when you travel. It happens in just ordinary day. While walking down the street that you walked on hundreds times before, but still something is waiting to surprise you. My Saturday with Miss Laura Age was like that. Like any other day, we didn’t have any plan. Her brand new ‘Seize the day’ attitude and my impromptu ability suit just perfectly.



1. Juno the model

Hongdae Free market is back on action. It means the long, long winter is officially over. Market was full of spring, we loved it. When Laura found the caricature man who insulted her last time, a guy approached us and asked “Could you girls be models for us if you are not too busy?” Ah.. what?? I turned around, and there they were, five people with their camera. Oh wow. Okay, why not? Clearly we weren’t busy.

What they were doing was practicing how to get a great shot of a model in different light situation. Using combination of sunlight, shadow and flash. It was also fascinating to me because that’s what I’m not good at. I was standing and they were starting to take photos of me. I was just a prop but everyone at the park was looking with curious faces. How fun! They must thought I was someone who.. slightly important. Michael took few photos of me using my camera at the end of the session. It was FUN. Clearly, I didn’t know I’ll be a model when I stepped out the door. But it happened.


2. The wonderful Vinyl.

Miss Laura and I were just talking and walking. We didn’t even care where we were. Then we saw two guys were drinking out of interesting looking plastic bag in front of a store named Vinyl. Oh, what could that be?

It is a place that sells cocktail in the vinyl bag. A real cocktail with alcohol. Guess what? We went for it. Laura chose June Bug and I chose Hawaiian Blue, whatever those were. We thought the whole point of vinyl is to show how beautiful those colors are. My Hawaiian Blue was so beautiful like Hawaiian ocean, and June Bug was.. slightly green and pretty. Drinking alcohol on the street out of a plastic bag in 4pm, that’s another thing I didn’t expect to do when I left home. I’m sure Laura didn’t as well. We drank the cocktail and watched people passing by. One moment, thought it would be cool to open up a cool bar like Vinyl but we almost immediately stepped down because first, it is against the law in US (Laura is from US) and second, I realize I will be drunk all the time.


3. The worst movie ever

I admit it is a sort of our thing, watch a disturbing movie. This day, we successfully made another history. First one was ‘Anything else’ by Woody Allen, second one was ‘Killers’ and the best, third one was ‘World invasion’. Don’t get me wrong. we didn’t mean to watch bad movies. We just choose whatever matched our timeline. This time, the choice was between Black Swan and World Invasion. I knew Black Swan would be disturbing but at least Natalie Portman would be fantastic. Since we both are not fans of physiological thriller, we went to different direction. We knew this wouldn’t be the best but what we didn’t know was how bad.

Long story short, Oh my freakin god. This can easily move up to number one spot of ‘the worst movie ever’ list. There’s no structure and too much violence. So, we somehow manage to sit the whole time and made another history. We are proud of us. Tom, if you are reading this, don’t worry. I’m sure there is plenty of time for us to see other world’s worst movie series. (Tom is another participant of ‘watch a disturbing movie’)


Extraordinary, it is the word I would use to describe this day. Series of serendipity. It started as just one normal day in my neighborhood but I felt like I was in wonderland like Alice. Sometimes, we don’t need to look further to have fun. All the surprises are just waiting to happen.

Special thanks to Miss Laura Age, who shares this extraordinary with me. We shall do another one in the middle.


18 thoughts on “Driving Miss Age”

  1. Hehe

    Driving miss Age…Did you see the movie, Driving miss Daisy? hehe Check it out. Miss Daisy is an old women. ..haha I hope thats not me. jk But it would be a funny to put us in those roles.

    THe Vinyl! It twas an experience. I think it should convince those who haven’t visited Seoul to do so…definitely. We totally seized the day @ that place –were going to just walk by but then we realized we had to stop.

    Hey do you want to visit Alice and Wonderland someday? I sappose only in the movies. Possibly we could do our own version of the movie! haha. Maybe we drink the Vinyl and all sorts of things happen. ^^

    P.s. Love the title!

  2. Cocktails sold in little ziplock bags? Now THAT’s my kinda drink! how cool is that?! LOL hope one day to get pissed with ya:P haha

  3. I love enjoying the little unexpected things too 🙂
    You look beautiful in the “modeling” photo! And that Vinyl bar in the shape of a robot is sooo cute :p Well, it wouldn’t work in Cairo too (alcohol not allowed) but I’m sure in Italy it would. Let’s do it? hehe.
    Lovely post full of simple little joy 🙂

    1. without alcohol, fruit juice in the vinyl. that could work! 🙂 Yes these little, simple joy, I love them. Moments like that, we could say ‘ah, life if good’.

    1. The color is the most fun part of plastic bag cocktails!! Maybe I should try something with bright red color next time…. to scare people?? 😀

  4. I want a cocktail in a plastic bag! You probably picked June Bug because your name was in it!
    Although I have to say, the bags look like one of bags you tape to your leg when you have a catheter in! (Don’t get the yellow baggie!)

  5. That sounds like such a wonderful day. I love having unplanned and spontaneous things happen. It can give you the most fun and memorable days in your life. 😀

  6. Hy, I just wanna ask if there is a pure juice sells in vinyl? Or some non-alcoholic cocktails?
    Thanks 😀

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