My guest post at Allways Rental. It’s their very first guest post so that makes me the first guest author! 🙂 Honored to write about my second home!

Here’s the introduction.. visit their website (below link) for the full article! 🙂


About two months ago I wrote a post about Iconic Kiwi Food. Jiyeon Juno Kim Author of Runaway Juno was kind enough to be our first guest writer and she also chose roadtrip food as the subject of her post.

We were driving through North Island from Auckland to Napier for about a week. I love every bit of New Zealand. Among various things, food is one important part of culture. While I was on the road I’ve experienced some great road trip food. Now I will introduce you to my three favourite not-typical-road trip food in New Zealand.

Steak To Go

Steak or any other meat is very cheap and very good. The country is just filled with nature and farms all around! So I enjoyed all the produced meat while I was backpacking. Especially I was surprised how cheap the steak was. However what I didn’t expect was I could eat steak on the road as a packed lunch.




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