Why you should come to AWE14

The second annual Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference (AWE ’14) is approaching fast! With the help of my passionate friends we are making progress one step at a time. It’s such an awesome event we’ve been excited to tell everyone we can about it. We usually get two very opposite responses when we invite someone to AWE ’14:


a) Excitement and enthusiasm.

b) Silence.


The silence reminds me of that time in my life when I was an engineer stuck in an office, doubting myself and surrounded by people who were scared of change.

I want everyone to be interested in AWE because of course this is my event. But I truly believe that everyone, especially Asian women who grew up in a similar environment as I did, could benefit. I want Asian women to get courageous about being who they want to be and going after a life they choose. Hey, I guess that makes me a bad influence in some circles, but you know what? That’s not a bad thing. All I did was choose my own path. And I’m inviting all of you to explore that amazing world.


Why You Should Come to AWE ‘14

It’s a Community 

The best thing about AWE ’13 last year was that we created a community. Living the life you want can be scary! Everyone needs a support system. Everyone needs a friend they can turn to. Everyone needs a safe place. People are the most valuable asset in your life. That’s what AWE is all about. We give you the chance to form a great community of likeminded women. You’ll meet people with the same passions and struggles, who won’t judge you, who will celebrate your independence and make you feel ok to sometimes be dependent too.

It was a pleasure to see AWE participants become good friends. They visited each other’s home towns (since everyone travels), they traveled together, and they talked. Friendships were made that I’m sure will last a lifetime.




Let Others Inspire You

AWE is not about only celebrating and highlighting success. It’s also about learning from each other’s trials and errors. Each speaker and panelist is someone that I truly believe will be beneficial for everyone in the room. They have interesting stories to tell, and they are not afraid to share their mistakes along with success stories, because they know it’s a crucial part of the learning process.

As women we are afraid of failure. Everyone is. But we have to break through the fear once in a while. If people didn’t do anything because of the possibility of disappointment, we would still be living in the stone age. Don’t limit yourself just because you are afraid. Listen to other people’s stories and let them inspire you.

AWE '13

Don’t be Afraid to be Empowered

If you are truly content with your life, that’s great! But there is still so much to learn about the world! And why be afraid to learn more?

You can be content with your life and what you have. I’m not asking you to change or dump everything you have to chase a non-existent utopia. However, I truly think it’s important to explore as much as a person can, within the boundaries you set of course. If something inside of you bubbles up and makes you jealous when you hear about your friend’s or colleague’s success or holiday plans, you are not content. So let’s do something about that!

Empowerment is not about running away or being crazy. It’s about truly knowing yourself, the world, and all the possibilities, and being in charge of your choices.


Now that’s what I’m talking about!


See you at AWE!


Can’t make it to AWE ’14, but want to get involved? Be an Honorary Member! (Click to read more)


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