When you go camping, have you ever thought you are bored?


Recently I went to spontaneous trip with my friend Katie Tibbetts. It starts as a simple camping trip, but we end up at the International Airport, horrible highway traffic, and a lot of detour locations after.. finally went to the beach and camp there. Even though it took two days to get to the beach, we had the best fun at the beach.

Our little hut located in a very cozy spot. We had absolutely nothing to do, however we didn’t feel bored at all. So I thought I should pass along this idea to everyone.

Here are three tips of Camping Entertainment. Proudly represented by Runaway Duo.




Long story short, we had fun doing..


1. Napping

2. WiFi-ing

3. Making Shadow puppet sing using headlamp



Do it, and you can get happiness in you heart. 🙂


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More update coming up..




6 thoughts on “Camping Entertainment: Video Presentation”

    1. Thanks Erica! 🙂 We bought that hats in a local market. Super-touristy and it’s really really big, so it gave us more dramatic effect when we did silly things! haha!

    1. Hyenas? haha! 🙂 Well, technically Zazu is a bird in Lion King but we just called that Zazu. hehe.. Thanks Andrew!! 🙂 I had so much fun making it as well.

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