“This is going to be the most intense American experience you’ll ever have.”

Stephen said right before we went into Wildwood boardwalk. Hm, okay.

What is ‘Boardwalk’ anyway? I didn’t quite understand the word ‘boardwalk’. Is it like the word ‘board game’? I guess I have to wait and see.



So here’s what I saw.

Carnival rides, easy looking games we can’t really win, over excited teenagers, families on holiday, thousands and thousands of t-shirts says ‘Good story, Bro’, and lots of people having fun in their own ways.


Lots of parts of this boardwalk must have changed during those years, but still the main idea is same – having fun. Still there are places that were there since early 1930s.


I don’t watch the show ‘Jersey Shore’, but I felt like I met most of the cast on the boardwalk that night.

Are you watching?! The Situation?!


I guess, yes, I had the most intense American experience ever.



DSC_2765 copy










Wildwood Boardwalk










DSC_2767 copy





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