I was navigating through travel photo albums, good old memories. There’s a one photo that captured my eyes.


It was taken by Laura, my Magic bus buddy. We were on our way to Queenstown from amazing glacier hiking at Franz Josef. Just basically middle of no where. We stopped for a local fruit and nut store. As you can see from a bit of left top corner, the view was magnificent.

Due to Southern Alps, South island of New Zealand in winter is post card, everywhere. I couldn’t stop look out the window along the way in the bus.

This little photo reminds me of so many memories. Freezing winter in south island, Franz Josef glacier hiking, peaceful lake Wanaka, snowboarding, and all the friends I met on the road. One travel after another, I learn so much stuff about myself along with the world. Somehow there’s always regret though. From a shy English speaker, my skills were getting better every time while I was on the road. So, after one long travel I thought ‘I should’ve have this and that.. silly questions. Memories on the road are too intense, even with a tiny trigger, all of those were getting back to me.

That jacket is from New Zealand, from my first backpacking to North island of New Zealand few years back. I went to one Gypsy fair at Napier and I met this strong-design thing. I bought a dream catcher at that fair –  it was on my to buy list – but that much money for the jacket was not on my list. This is made of wool, and one of a kind. I still had few weeks left, but this was the thing “I should buy now or I will think of it rest of my life”. You know, there’s always one or two things that stuck with you for a long, long time. If I didn’t buy that, that jacket is still haunting me, I know it. (Lame excuse? 🙂 ) Well, I bought it anyhow and totally loving it. The gloves are made by Opossum fur, probably squi-sum (and it reminds me to write about squi-sum!) , and I bought is somewhere in North island New Zealand as well. Oh man, I was covered with New Zealand products!! 🙂 Finally, those running shoes and pants worn out after few months. Ah, good times.

In this photo, I can feel how relaxed I was. Well, I’m not that nervous person usually but I was the most nature friendly country, and on the street – middle of no where, imagine how peaceful that was. Funny, how just one shot of photo makes you think all these things.  All day every day I think about travel stuff, since I am writing about it and reading about it, and I can feel my time is coming. 🙂

Ah, good times also make me ramble!!

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    1. I bet you are going to have so much fun!! I can’t imagine be there in Summer though, I went to such a cold winter! 🙂 You’ll have to write all about it!

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