It’s not a secret that I had a hard time in India. However, I truly enjoyed two months. It is a strong love and hate relationship. From New Delhi to Kolkata, Shimla to the Thar Desert, India offers diverse landscape, climate, and cultures. Some sites were the most amazing place I’ve ever seen, while the heat was melting me down. It is not the easiest place to live, but it is truly a place like no other. Here are 45 simple reasons why I loved two months in India.


1. India is really incredible

2. The simplicity of having thali and chai every day


Chai in India


3. Made me appreciate clean water more than ever

4. Masala chai

5. Rishikesh is a sanctuary for every traveler


Rishikesh was one of the only places in India I felt comfortable
Rishikesh was one of the only places in India I felt comfortable


6. Living cost is really cheap: sometimes a private room only costs 300 Rs (5 USD), and thali is usually 60 Rs (1 USD)

7. I get to wear baggy pants


Riding train in India


8. Culture shock at Varanasi

9. Thar Dessert of Rajasthan


Thar Desert  of Rajasthan
Majestic Thar Desert – Rajasthan, India


10. Indian Railway is connecting this country pretty well

11. Indian people usually enjoy when I asked to take their pictures

12. 3G data is cheap

13. Seeing the Ganges River (no matter how dirty it is, it was great to see how people cherished their experience with the contact)

14. If you like lentils and beans, India is your heaven


Bathing in the Ganges River - Varanasi, India
Bathing in the Ganges River – Varanasi, India


15. Fort architecture

16. Punjabi food: especially chicken curry

17. You can ride a camel across the desert

18. Land crossing is possible to Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh

19. Bengali cuisine: the best mutton curry I’ve ever had


Bengali food - prawn and fish
Bengali food in Kolkata – prawn and fish


20. Bengali sweets (milk bar!)

21. From the Himalayas to the beach, India is huge

22. Bodh Gaya: where Buddha got his enlightenment

23. Mangoes are some of the best I’ve ever had


Mahabodhi Temple - where Gautama attained supreme knowledge to become Buddha,the Enlightened One
Mahabodhi Temple – where Gautama attained supreme knowledge to become Buddha,the Enlightened One


24. It is a place like no other: I haven’t seen any place like India (good and bad), and I doubt that I will ever see such place.

25. Extreme luxury is available, with relatively low cost – we had high tea at the Imperial Hotel for about 800Rs (12+ USD) per person

26. India has been the best place to take portraits

27. There’s a lot of nice looking birds

28. The whole country is colorful


A hindu pilgrim in Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi, India
A hindu pilgrim in Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi, India


29. Onion uttapam, thick and crisp pancake made with onion, is one of the favorite things to eat

30. Sometimes 2 Tier AC train carriage is nicer than hotel rooms

31. Rajasthani men’s mustache

32. Religious diversity

33. Gave me a chance to make this awesome short video of Rajasthani turban


How to put Rajasthani Turban on from Runaway Juno on Vimeo.


34. Black face monkey (gray langur)


Black face monkey (gray langur)
Black face monkey (gray langur)


35. Tricycle ride is fun

36. You can buy a perpetual calendar (I totally did)

37. Colorful Hindu temples and statues

38. Most of the people speak English

39. Tailor-made clothes are cheap and straight forward


Getting a tailor made suit in Delhi, India
Getting a tailor made suit in Delhi, India


40. It’s easy to practice yoga and meditation

41. A lot of good looking doors

42. Looking at the Milky Way in the middle of Thar Desert

43. The view of Blue City (Jodhpur)

44. When I randomly found well-balanced masala chai in the street

45. Sometimes it’s good to see healthy looking cows on the street


A cow in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
A cow in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

34 thoughts on “45 Reasons Why I Love India”

  1. India is one of those places that people are very passionate about. Some people are passionately in love with India, others hate it with a passion.
    India has never been high on my ‘must visit’ list but some of your points have got me thinking.

  2. Nice post Juno. Sounds like you made sure to find things you enjoyed even when you had a difficult time in India. I loved your pics, especially the Hindu pilgrim and the black-faced monkeys.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ligeia 🙂

  3. India is a perfect holiday destination and attracts tourists from all around the world to spend their holidays in India. India is a vast country and abode of fabulous blend of diverse culture and rich history. India with its several tourist attractions and attention-grabbing holiday spots never fail to impress its visitors.

  4. Thank you for sharing this list of reasons – it’s wonderfully inspiring to see how diverse they are, reflecting the real diversity of the incredible country that is India. I am a huge fan, and have been there several times, twice for six months at a time. There is so much to see, I just love it. It was the first place I ever travelled to, so it has an extra special place in my heart!

    You have inspired me to write a similar list with my own reasons to share when I (hopefully) return this November!

  5. I’d love to visit India, despite the negative press it got recently. I was supposed to go to Agr and Delhi for a few days before my trip to Nepal, but I failed to realize that you can’t get a visa on arrival. Oooops!

  6. Way to go for looking on the bright side. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be at times to spend so much time in an area of the world where many people struggle so badly everyday.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings. Where are you off to next? When are you coming though Idaho?

  7. I guess I need to see these myself. I also like to experience the everyday life in India and meet the people. The local foods are always interesting to explore.

  8. You’re making me wish I was back in India. I think every traveller there finds it tough at times – and I’m sure it must be harder for a woman – but the memories and emotions run deep. This is a country that I’ll never forget.

  9. A friend once told me that “you learn more about yourself travelling in India for three months then you would do in a year somewhere else” After reading your post I’m starting to see what he means!

  10. Hi Juno,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts about India. It’s really our pleasure to welcome you all again and again.
    Me and one of my friend took an initiative to help tourist to explore India as per their Interest.
    Feel free to reach me if you want me to address something about India.

    Sumit 🙂

  11. Why doesnt people ralk about North east India extreme eastern part of the country where diversity itself is immense. The people culture, landscape etc etc is so enchanting. And overall it is different from main part of India as the racial group 60% is mongoloid.

    1. In my opinion, people normally don’t go there because it’s hard to get there. All the international flights are landing on either Delhi or Kolkata, and traveling to the remote areas in India as a foreigner is not that simple. I would like to visit someday.

  12. And i think India is not only upto Kolkotta or Bengal. Go beyond that to sikkim, shillong, kohima, etc would be in bliss for ever.

  13. Love the list! Number 42 is probably my favorite. I love doing this once I actually find myself in a place that is not blocking the sky with outrageous amounts of light pollution. India has definitely been on my list of must-see places for a while. I really look forward to getting there in the future. For now, I will settle for some amazing pictures and neat facts about India. Thank you for the excellent post.

  14. I just found this site today because of a link on FB for your “Humble Life of the Bushmen” post. I have been intrigued by India for years and I loved reading about it. However, I’d just like to point out, that is not a cow. It’s a bull 🙂

  15. In India the most beautifull place is Taj Mahal. It is a masterpiece monument and the symbol of love which is located near the banks of the river Yamuna, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was built by Shah Jahan, the great Mughal Emperor in between 1632 and 1653 AD in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, his beloved wife. It is a mausoleum, which houses the graves of the emperor and her wife. It is completely built in a white marble with an elevation of 561 ft. It is admired as the symbol of love all over the world and is termed as the most beautiful jewel of art in India.

  16. Next time whenever you plan for a India trip, don’t forget to visit Mumbai and Goa.You will really love it Kim,it is heaven.
    I am glad you had a great time in my country and i hope you went back to your own country with a happy experience.

    1. Great to hear that you love this post! India is such a unique destination. I would go back again to experience something different (mid or south India next time).

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