Happy New Year! 🙂

As a first year old travel blogger, it’s my honor to round up this wonderful year and present to you.

I wrote 153 articles in 9 months, and I’ve given more than enough love and attention from all of you. I really appreciate for that.



Now, I proudly present, my favourite 10s article of Runaway Juno, 2010!



1. Juno-go-round, Tweetup-Couch surfing-RTW.

This is my the best article I’ve ever done. I wrote it but I think it’s brilliant! I really want to do this as real. Well, maybe some day, in short future I will do. Then I will know more friends from many more countries that means I have more couch to sleep on! So.. be hold everyone. I’m coming to you! 🙂

2. Few of My favourite things

It’s originated from one of my favourite film, Sound of music. I just slightly changed it go my favourite things on the road. Starts with ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten..’ as a photo of raindrops on ferns and my sweet friend Mr.Moe (cat). Sounds like fun, right? Read it yourself! 🙂

Mr.Mo @ Diana's place. NZ

3. Dancing with the stars

My overseas sister @giuliaccia suggested to creative #AstronomySunday since we both are really into astronomy. I actually had some great stuff to share, so I started this wonderful day. This brings me my days of astronomical photography. I stopped because of my study in University but I’m slowly getting my shape back. It was a story about the coldest but the most gorgeous day ever. It was a New Years Eve years ago, we went to Mt.Jiri for it. Some great photography of stars..!

4. Oh Jim, treat me gently!

Can you guess what this is about? Not a naughty thing.. please! 🙂

It’s my hangover story with Jim Beam in KL. This is very significant experience because I found my hangover food. Who knew? Drink is one great moment on the road. Can’t miss it! I had the worst hangover in my life, but really memorable. Do you want to find out what I discovered as my hangover food??

5. What is it like to be a second language writer.

As you can see, English is not my first language. I use beautiful Korean for my entire life, but I end up using English everyday with Runaway Juno. How come? It’s more difficult, it takes more time to write, and it’s frustrating when I can’t explain what I wanted to say. So, why I’m doing this? Because I wanted to jump in a bigger pool, to more readers. And voila! I did it! 🙂

Can you see agony in my face? 😀

6. I can’t believe this is Korea!

My short summer getaway to Jeju island was successful with a capital S!

This article, more like a photo essay starts with ‘I can’t believe this is Korea’ and it’s so true. It was my first day in Jeju, and it blew my mind. I spend hours there and never stop surprising. It was mind blowing. I’ve been to Jeju island quite many times but this trip, whole thing I did were totally different than any other experiences. And I even on the radio because of the articles I wrote about Jeju. How great is that?

Feel the beauty of Jeju with me!

7. Majority of language, that’s not a superpower just so you know.

Language has always been a issue because I’m using non-natural way. Koreans has very strong sense of ‘one race’. So it was hard to get other cultures while I was growing up but I did that anyhow.  Good for me! 🙂

I picked up most of my English on the road, and I had very few obnoxious experiences from people. This is story about that. What’s the point of travel if you just make shut everyone up?

8. Why do we do something solo, especially travel?

If anyone put a label on me, I would go by ‘solo-female-packpacker’. Well, not necessarily but if anyone wanted to. This is story about why I do, why many people do solo something, especially travel. It gives us freedom. Solo travel is very unique experience that is good for you to grow up because I did. Even if it helped me that doesn’t mean that it’s going to help the others but you know what I mean.

9. What’s cookin’?

I learn how to cook during my backpacking. Pasta, pancake, sandwich, scrambled eggs and very new other stuff. Basically I’ve learn how to feed myself properly in various ways. It was so much fun cooking with other travelers from all over the world. I was so surprised that hostel has all the utilities to cook. Come, read how I picked up my cooking skills!

10. Is my rood the capital of junk? I don’t think so.

I call this article ‘the souvenir epic.’ I love souvenirs. My room is filled with souvenirs from all of my travels. Sand, tickets, photos and all sorts of things and I love it!! It is my comfort zone. Do you like souvenirs?

So there you have it. My favourite articles of the year 2010. I am so grateful for all your supports for this year. Will get back to you with better stuff next year.


Happy New Year my dear friends.


9 thoughts on “2010 Round up : The best 10 of Runaway Juno”

  1. Heyyy, thank you for including me in this list 🙂
    Your blogger life in 2010 looks amazing, and I loved every single post you listed:) and yes that picture of you in Jeju is so beautiful:)
    Keep it up sis!!!

  2. Congrats on your first full year of blogging! What a year it’s been too. I love reading your posts and look forward to your adventures in 2011. I still think your post “Oh Jim, Treat Me Gently” has the best title… ever!

  3. Haha, this is a brilliant wrap-up of your first year of blogging… and no, in reply to #10, I don’t think your room is the capital of junk – I’ve seen more stuff packed into smaller rooms, believe it or not, haha!

    Have an even more successful 2011, dear! 😀

  4. I really enjoy reading of your adventures. Props for writing in a second language. I can’t even imagine how difficult and frustrating that would be. Happy travels in 2011!

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