It’s 05 Jan, 2011 already. Time to set ‘New Year’s Resolution’, but don’t want to jump right ahead.. because we all know we are going to break them. 🙂


Goal, plan, resolution, all these things have two different sides.

There is ‘the plan’, could be a life long dream, always on the front of my diary, on my bucket list, something that I desire but I know it will not happen in short future. Countless things are on my bucket list, and I’m having fun reading them every each time. It keeps me sane. 🙂

There’s no reason those things to be just ‘too good to be true dream’ but we have to compromise with circumstances time to time. I cannot just ditch everything behind and take off to Antarctica no matter how much I want to do. That’s a reality.


And there is the actual plan. Things, realistically I want to and can do within a year.

Among those little other things, the most backpacky plan of all.

I will travel Korea more.

Of course there are other countries I want to go, there are plenty, but with my grand plan – I’ve decided to explore my country more.


I’ve been here and there unusual places in my country. I am a stargazing and astronomy photography junky – that lead me to country side from when I was in high school. The reason why I promise myself is that now I can look things differently, and I want to see my country from that view. As a hardworking travel blogger, with love of my homeland.

Moreover, this plan save some flight ticket fee, mutual beneficiary! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it as a backup plan or anything. It’s nothing like ‘I travel nationally because I can’t afford flight ticket’ kind of thing.

International travel is more exotic and more exciting for sure, but as I always say, we can be appreciated the world based on who we are. How can we say “It’s exotic” without the knowledge of our own?


Even places I already have been surprises me, like Jeju island last summer. Wow that was an amazing experience. I am sure that I can pick many moments like that.

So I’m going to more places I haven’t been to yet!

Islands, Gu Jae Do (거제도), Dok Do (독도), Huek San Do (흑산도) ….. so many of them.

I will go hike, swim, trekking, do better photography, videos, get more tan, and what else… Oh yeah of course, the foodie travel! Will explore more foodies for #KoreanFoodWednesday .

More stuff for #BeachThursday , and of course,  #TravelTuesday 🙂 How exciting?

Who’s with me? Woot woot! 🙂

Just thinking about it makes me feel great. Please tune in for my adventure!

What is on your New Year’s Resolution?

18 thoughts on “Slowly planning the year 2011”

  1. If only the railway system’s better here in the US, I’d be all over exploring this adopted country of mine — I know, excuses, excuses 🙂 Sometimes the greatest treasures can be found in your backyard. Looking forward to learn more about Korea through your adventures.

    1. Thanks Jill 🙂
      Yes, that’s one of the up side of traveling Korea. We have wonderful railway system and highways. Not applied for small town though.. oh well, I will survive.

  2. Thumbs up for realistic plans!
    You know, I am thinking the same in these days… I got homesick and I feel like I want to go back to Italy and travel across my country a lot more than I ever wanted before! There’s sooo much to see… and I’m sure Korea is full of beautiful surprises!
    My new year’s resolution? Hmmm, not sure yet. I guess travel as much as possible… anywhere… starting with Singapore on saturday. I love things that come unexpected!!!

  3. Great plans for 2011 – we are exited to get to know Korea better through your blog! We would also like to explore more of our home countries (Germany & the U.S.) as there are sooooo many places there that we haven’t visited yet. But of course far away countries always seem to be more interesting than what’s right next door! We’ll definitely do some more traveling in our home countries once we’ve settled down somewhere.

  4. I would love to know more about Korea through your eyes! You have such a refreshing writing style and I love your photography. You’ll do great!

  5. Traveling in Korea is part of our plan, too! We want to see more of this beautiful country. We’re heading to Busan in February. Where else should we go?

    1. Great! 🙂 Oh there are just too many great little and big places… 🙂
      For starters, Jeju island and Mt.Halla, highly recommended! 🙂
      The best places I’ve been to.. Jindo and Jejudo (Jin island and Jeju island).
      little and big islands in South sea are just awesome. That’s one of my goal this year.
      Ask me if you have any questions! 🙂

  6. I’d like to travel Korea myself! hihi, but as I won’t go this year, I’m happy to discover it through your blog! And glad to know you wanna discover more your own country! It’s so important to know the place where we come from too! It’s fun to see the world, but there’s a lot to see right at home! I was able to discover my own a bit, but Canada is a big country and I still have a lot to see! And it’s not cheap to travel!

    Happy New Year!!

    1. US is huuuuuge…. That’s one thing I really jealous about you! 🙂 So many places to visit. Well, I gotta try for myself as well! 🙂

  7. Sounds like a good plan so far, lovely. Of course, I notice there is distinct lack of hanging out with ME on this list! (GR, I forgive you though!) I want to explore Korea more but I think I will wait until summer or spring because the winter was FREEZING last time!

  8. This is a valid enough plan, even I intend to travel my state (Gujarat) more. In fact, I intend to use every single weekend traveling to some new place 🙂

    All the best for your plans 🙂

  9. I think it’s a great plan to explore more of your own country. Think of all the people from other countries who visit Korea…something is drawing them there, right? There’s still a lot of my own country I haven’t seen, too.

  10. I wanted to travel around my hometown, Penang, Malaysia more often (and wrote about it in my blog). So made myself promised that I’ll go home more often! Isn’t it funny that we do not see that much of our own country / town? Hope your travel plans for 2011 come true!

  11. Yes, we want more #KoreanFoodWednesday !!

    Please tell us if Jeju’s black pig is actually better than regular pig or is it just marketing?

    Last summer I made a three-month road trip around my country (the US) and I was also trying to focus on appriciating it more. And it was a success! I went to out-of-the-way places and talked to a lot of people, and really tried to find the diversity and natural wonder of my country that I had previously been shunning for more exotic foriegn destinations.

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