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I was pretty busy this week, and last week. As you can see from the gap of the RSS update. I was driving to Denver to attend TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange, travel bloggers annual conference), then I was at the conference for three days. Followed by four days in Spokane, WA and here I am, back in Denver. It was a long week, but I’m having a great time catching up stories from fellow bloggers. TBEX is an inspiring place, hence-the great stories.

Here are few of my favourits of this week.


First up, from 20s TravelI’m Getting Married! A Rocky Mountain Proposal. If you were at TBEX, you probably heard the great news already. Michael of Art of Backpacking and Stephanie got engaged at the rocky mountain with a gorgeous mountain view. It is a travel bloggers version of fairy tale and dream come true, really. ‘Travel parter for life’ as Stephanie said. I’m so happy for two good friends, a wonderful couple. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so. And the ring! Michael, you have a great taste. 🙂


Second up, from Brendan’s AdventureLife Lessons Learned by Rango through Travel. I remember this post from last year. In fact, I featured it on my previous the RSS. I brought it back because recently I wrote a similar story — Life is Crossing the Highway: Enlightenment by Rango and Tortoise. Everything is depending on how you put the meanings of it, and I think Rango is a great movie for people who have wanderlust. We wrote about the same movie with a little bit different perspective. But I totally agreed with what Brendan said.


Third up, from The Planet DTBEX ’12 – Passion, Parties and Passing the Torch. TBEX ’12 was successful. I haven’t been to other ones, but I could see that people were really satisfied with all the aspects of this year. Dave and Deb was one of the panel at the session ‘How to work with a brand’, one of my favourite sessions. It was good to hear their philosophy, that happens to be same as mine. And they did a great recap through this post.



This is it for now. See you all next week!




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