First stop, on Tom’s Adventure, How I’m Making A Living As An Adventurer. I’ve been following his website after my friend Katie mentioned about him. His videos are quite inspiring, and his adventures are also very interesting. This post is the key point of how can we live as a blogger, writer, traveler, and adventurer in Tom’s case. The most important fact is — Need Less. The reason I, and we can live as a blogger is that because we don’t need much. We don’t need a big fat paycheck to buy stuff because we don’t need/want ‘the stuff’. Still, living against of what everyone thinks is not an easy thing.


Second stop, Art of Backpacking5 Inspirational Backpacking Women (and What You Can Learn From Them). This is not a recent article but I stumbled upon and gave me an inspiration. I shamefully admit that I only recognized Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. I can’t wait to read about other women travelers in this article. That’s right, it’s not about what you were given from the start, it’s about how you want to use it and make a change.


Third stop, Uncornered MarketI Drove to the Ends of the Earth (A Marriage Proposal). We all love stories. If that’s a love story? Even better. And if that’s a true-happily ever after-story, that’s the best. Here, we can find all the aspects we like about stories from Uncornered Market’s Valentine’s Day story. Of course, my favourite part? Is the last one. I think that’s pretty darn cute. I admire your adventures together, what you did for your love of your life.



There you have it, this week’s fine blog posts.

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