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This week has been great. Personally I had a lot of thinking to do, not like I deliberately did it – it just happened, and weirdly all the blog posts were simultaneously worked with my mind. I’ve read many great articles and it helped me to get an answer or get another branch of thinking. Get an answer is not the best thing sometimes. Instead of discussed it with every each one of you, I read you on black and white, and carefully processed it inside. Because I communicate well with words, it was good.

I’m really happy to share these wonderful posts this week. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.



First stop, on Travel ReportageBasata, day 2 – The Greatest Beauty. Giulia recently went to a holiday trip to Basata, Egypt. I was pretty excited for her actually. Now she’s back and brings out these wonderful posts and photos. I loved her Basata, day 1, and even more in the day 2. Giulia said how beautiful the simplest things, and I couldn’t agree more. The perfect moment, and the happiness is not the end of the tunnel, it is a state of mind of the moment. Even if someone brought you to the most beautiful place in the world, you cannot enjoy that when you are not happy with yourself. That is what I’ve been learning with traveling. The simplest act can be the best thing in the world. That reminds me, that is one of the way that how I realized someone could be my close one: when I’m with them with silence. If we can sit and enjoy the moment without talking and without any awkwardness, that means this person is right for me. The simple thing can be everything.


Second stop, on Wandering Earl, The most important word in the world. Earl shared his story in Syria. Indeed, “Hello” is a powerful word. The day he went a random adventure with his friend Samir, is a story!! Wonderful. When he said “surprised was I to find myself inside his van once again” I totally understand the feeling. In Lake Tekapo, a man at a tourism office offered me a dinner, so I went to his place and had a great home cooked meal with him and his dog. After the dinner, on my way to the hostel, I thought ‘what was I thinking?’ I mean, the dinner was great and he packed me some because I was a poor backpacker, but he would have been easily a scammer or even worse. I was in his HOUSE! It’s not even close to Earl’s experience but just I felt the same way. Anyhow, really, a greeting word is really important when we are in a foreign country.


Third stop, on Traveling SavageState of the Savage: April 2011. Keith is exploring Scotland at the moment, but on his own. During last.. few years, traveling, finding home, meeting the right person, and so many other practical and philosophical thinking is haunting me. Part of me is enjoying that and sometimes it is exhausted. Anyway, Keith showed pretty different perspective. He loves his home and family yet traveling solo.  A big part of travel population is actually running away from something. Like it or not that is true. Since I started blogging and reading others blog, I’ve read many articles about love-travel relation one way or another. I felt so much love while reading his post. Keith said “Travel is like a darkroom for the spirit, developing into focus what you really can’t live without.” Do you agree? That is why I learned so much about myself on the road, and realized who matters in my life. He commented back to my comment, quote “The thing about a soul mate is that you don’t really care if you’re running away or staying put as long as you’re with that person.” And I think that is super true. Because, everything makes sense if you are with the right person.


Fourth stop, on Over Younderlust, Fitting In – Guadalajara, Mexico. Erica and Shaun are exploring Central America right now. I’ve watched the process of their departure. Felt like I was there the whole time. I’m so happy they are finally on the road. Erica shares her experience in Guadalajara, Mexico. As much as all the street arts in the city are awesome, I loved her story that she finally felt to fit in some place. No matter where it is, no matter what the situation is, the feeling is pretty sweet. Frankly, most of the time I don’t feel like fit in here. I am the perfect Korean on the outside (well, I’m too tall to be a perfect Korean girl, but you know what I mean), but like the opposite inside. That is why I’m so happy on the road, so happy when I’m with my backpack. That’s when I feel fit in. I’m happy for you girl, to have the moment!


Fifth stop, on Solo TravelerSteve from Seattle Serves me STARBUCKS in Patagonia. Solo travel doesn’t mean lonely. Like I said on my other post, I always travel solo, but I was never lonely. Well, sometimes, but not the most of times. Janice is sharing the significant moment of solo travel in this post. What a magical moment! A man who brings his own kitchen and instant coffee, that’s impressive. Travelers are very supportive. I can easily feel that in just online relationship and it is even stronger in person especially on the road. If I didn’t meet any of those wonderful people, all my travel turned into very different one, I don’t say that would suck, just I wouldn’t have a chance to have better experiences. Thank you all, fellow travelers!


Thank you all for the inspiration.

See you next week!




13 thoughts on “Runaway Subscription Saturday : 5th Apr. 2011”

    1. I really enjoyed your story and can’t wait to read more stuff from Basata!! Thanks for the great story. You know, we really should go some place together. Seriously.

  1. This is a fantastic round up of posts! Just read the ones I hadn’t had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for including us! <3

    1. You are welcome and glad you enjoyed the round up. One page is not enough to say the whole thing I felt and thought. 🙂 Enjoying your journey!

  2. Thank you for including my story Juno! And I must say, your story is quite incredible as well. Sometimes we do things when traveling that we would never do in our home cities but we don’t realize how ‘crazy’ it was until it’s over!

    1. Sorry for the ‘spam’ trouble! I got you! 🙂
      You are right. Sometimes we just didn’t see how crazy that is, but really fortunately, most of them turned out pretty awesome, right? Well, things can go wrong for sure, but it is an experience. That is what travel valuable.

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