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This is about a list of brilliant posts I contact each week. Follow The RSS feed and let’s get inspired!

I read a lot of travel blogs and posts, and it’s getting harder and harder to make a list.

Thanks for all your inspiration and being just awesome. Without further ado, here’s this week’s The RSS.


First stop, on Wandering Earl, Has travel made me dumber? It was one funny post. Time to time, I think I’m quite naive on the road. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m a tough girl but when I’m on the road I tend to trust people so easily. Maybe that’s my natural inside, I don’t know. And after do something like that, I thought ‘what’s wrong with me?’ Just like my last comment for Earl’s post about Syria. Who’d follow a stranger’s home and had a dinner together alone? And I’m pretty sure that I forgot a lot of words in Korean. Especially I’m communicating in English so much. Hope not. and hopefully I’m not dumber but it was a pleasant read.


Second stop, on Budget travel Adventures, Travel confessions. We all have weaknesses. Honestly, we don’t want to reveal the secret in public. Because we want to be seen as a super awesome travelers. And frankly most of them are. Blog is a weird thing. It is the most personal place about you and public but it’s also very secretive at the same time. It’s not about hiding the truth, it’s just complicated. However having a weakness doesn’t make a person less awesome. I did make my confession on my some what blogversary ago too. Nonetheless, I admire his way of travel and being sincere to the world, and I could feel all that in this post.


Third Stop, on Go, See, WriteBaalbek, Lebanon: a Photo Journal. Nowadays, one of the trend I like about being in a travel society is that I’m learning more about Middle East. It is such a mysterious place–still is, and frankly, most of the opinions are very negative. Starts with dangerous and followed by dirty, hot, dry… Well, but I’m not in the position of judging because I’ve never been. But after I got close with Giulia (@Giuliaccia ) when she was in Cairo, Egypt, and because of all the press trips to Middle east and more travelers are visiting parts of Middle East, I’m learning, seeing more. Michael made wonderful photography of Baalbek, Lebanon. He said it’s pretty easy to get a great shot, and I can see why. One of the reason why Middle East is so fascinating is because there are so much history behind. History I didn’t know about, I didn’t learn in school, and history I want to know more about.


Fourth stop, on Lonely Planet, Words that don’t (but should) exist in English. As a second language speaker and writer, I  had this same moments, ‘Oh I can’t describe this in English, but I really want to!’. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated in learning language. It includes culture, history, character and much more. I’m so grateful to understand English this much and get to know the people who speaks English much better. (The best part is sarcasm, for me. I’m fully enjoying it.) In this list, there is a list of words that don’t exist in English, and so beautiful. My favourite: Waldeinsamkeit (German): The ‘feeling of solitude in the forest’. How poetic? And just so you know, I think German is really sexy. And maybe that’s why I want to learn?! maybe.


Fifth stop, on Travel Reportage, Cairo, Egypt – Day 1. Giulia is now back in Italy, after 9 months of journey in Cairo. I admire she chased her dream and accomplished it. I really enjoy her journey in Cairo, and I think a lot of readers did as well. She made her history with Cairo as worked, traveled, photographed, fit in and witnessed their the biggest moment of history. I clearly see how much she loved in Cairo by friends there, and she has million reasons to. This post brings old memory back (even though I didn’t read this post at that time–sorry! But better late than never!).


There you have it, The RSS of the week. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Thank you for the inspiration. See you next week!






8 thoughts on “Runaway Subscription Saturday: 3rd May 2011”

    1. No problem Jeremy. Yes, Lebanon post was great! And I enjoyed your Travel confessions Part 2 as well. Beach don’t like-r?! Never knew!

  1. Thank you Juno! And like I said, you definitely aren’t dumber as a result of your travels 🙂

    So far the decisions you’ve made have all worked out so I guess they have all been smart decisions…

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