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Thanks for all your inspiration and being just awesome. Without further ado, here’s this week’s The RSS.



First stop, on Sharing Travel Experiences, Traveling Disaster: 6 Unfortunate Mishaps And How to Deal with Them. We all had one of this moment from time to time. Whatever the reasons are, even a teeny tiny stuff could freak us out. The important thing is how to cope it, I think. No need to be in panic for a unnecessarily long time. Well, the things on the list are more serious than just call it as ‘monir’ though. One of my friend just got escaped from Libya from the protest which became a war, so that was a really horrifying moment for me as well.


Second stop, on Traveling Ted, Adventure travel WTF moments and how to cope. While reading the article above, I thought about Ted’s WTF moments post. Unexpected incident could be good, like serendipity but it can be frightened because it’s new and strange. Yesterday at Daejeon subway while I was traveling down to my friends house, an old man touched my butt, which is a WTF moment, clearly. Oh, what would Ted do? 🙂


Third stop, on Over Yonderlust, Over Yonderlust Turns 1! Over Yonderlust got their first blog-versary. I can’t believe they opened it just a year ago. Feels like they’ve done it much longer than that. It has been fun to watch their previous experiences and constant adventures. Erica often does provoke posts that many people are afraid- but very important- to talk about. So many great travel blogs had their first blog-versary during last few months including Runaway Juno. We all had a great run. Like Erica said, we are the newbies on the block!!


Fourth stop, on Travel Writers Exchange, Writing the Perfect Destination Review. Destination theme is not always my favourite to read. Often it’s boring. It’s easy to narrate just simple facts about  the place. That could be practical, and we need practical information also, but the reason why I, and many people like to read out of blog is that we can feel the personal connection about the place. Like the post said, we need to be hooked. This is a great tip to write a great destination review.


Fifth stop, on Bohemian Traveler, It’s not about the free couch. Stephen traveled Korea for few weeks and I was really impressed by how he did it and how much he experienced. About couch surfing and about the way that interact with the people. For me, travel is not all about see famous landmarks and take a photos of it. It’s about culture and lifestyle. So I learn stuff out of a guide book, see what really is like and experience that. This post shows a great quality that I would like to pursuit in travel. And, it’s interesting to hear stories about my country from other travelers.


Okay, there you have it. Hope you enjoy them like I did.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!




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  1. Having old man touch my butt is not the WTF moment I had in mind when writing that post. That is a creepy WTF moment. I don’t think old man would want to touch my butt 🙂 Thanks for the mention.

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