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First stop, on GoMad Nomad Travel Mag, Photo of the week: Bangkok Chinatown Vendors. The best kind of travel photography I think is involved ‘story’. For me, travel photography is not about get a perfect shot like a post card. It is about memory and pick the moment of my own. On that note, I love photography with people, especially photos with local people. In this post, amazing facial expressions I can read. I also have been to Chinatown of Bangkok after I read Stephen’s photo series, and I could see he captured the place and people really good. It felt like meeting a celebrity in the middle of Chinatown. Because he asked the people for permission to take photos, they had more diverse, much joyful facial expressions I think. I can see shy, proud, cool, hard working, fun and beyond Great post.


Second stop, on Unbrave Girl, Talking Shop: The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Grocery Shopping in China. First, her post always makes me laugh. And second, this post reminded me of a supermarket in Beijing. I saw live turtles in ‘meat’ section, and that was really a memorable culture shock for me. Because I live near China, I’ve heard so.many.things about them, not only good things but also peculiar things. Sally moved to China few months ago, and I’m having fun reading China through her eyes. Grocery shopping is one of ‘must’ thing on my list in the other country, but it’s different when you traveling than actually living there. We are rooting for you girl! And, we accept your sincere apologies.


Third stop, on Cumi and CikiWhen in Rome, don’t do as the Romans. I hooked by the title first! Was wondering what’s this about. Great job on the title! I remember when I read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, I mentally gain weight during ‘eat’ part. Italian pasta and pizza described insanely delicious. So when I travel Italy, after I finish some ‘what Romans do’, and then jump right into what she suggested. Eating quality foreign cuisine is something I’d like to do. Even though I’ve never been to Greece, Greek food is the number one reason why I want to go there. I know a great Greek restaurant, the chief spend many years in Greece. He turned me into Greek food lover.


Fourth stop, on Downtown Traveler, Finding paradise: Why I love camping on the beach. Camping on the beach, sounds perfect for me right now. I love the smooth feeling of sand. Just imagine sleep on the beach, mmm.. makes me feel comfortable. Sleep on and wake up on a beach is one of my dreamy moment. Like I always say, ‘Finding paradise’ is doable thing, like she said. Utopia is exist, it’s in our heart. Sometimes, it looks like people are doing ‘chasing game’ but no goal and no winner. The important thing in the game is ‘chasing’ not ‘reach the goal’. Well, it’s their life but I’m not planning to do that. That’s why I like people who are focusing on ‘now’ and can enjoy the fun. Leslie always gave me such a joy to ‘right now’ moment. That’s why I like her writing and this post brings me back the feeling.


Fifth stop, on Life out of a suitcaseso then… he painted the egyptian flag on my face (cairo). Since my close friendship (or a sisterhood) with Giulia (@Giuliaccia  ), Cairo and Egypt is very important to me. Giulia was there when the revolution happened, and I’ve heard stories after. But I haven’t met others who experienced revolution too. It’s great to see how we can be melted in a completely different culture, and fell in love with it all over. I only witnessed from afar and yet touched by the movement, I only can imagine how she would feel. Thank you for sharing a great story.


Special mention this week, On shutterfeetTravel Photo Roulette Round 14: Storytelling. From the same reason as my first pick, the series of Storytelling submissions were so touching. This is the moment I want to keep, want to remember for long. I liked the photo of Living The Dream RTW and Wanderlass. As a person who traveled solo for many years, I know how hard to travel as a couple or as a friend. As for me one of the hardest yet one of the most important thing a couple could do is travel together. I admire couple travelers, and amazed by how are they so great together. Because of that, these kind of photos make beautiful scenery, not because of the background, because of the vibe from the people.


It has been a great week as usual. Thank you all for the great read.

See you next week!



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