Long time no see! After traveling China for a month, I’m back in Wi-Fi heaven – Laos, in this case. So I’m back in the game, catching up. Having a limited internet access made me more efficient in some way, and made me frustrated in other ways. But I liked the feeling that I can take some time off from the world wide web.

So here they are, five posts that I enjoyed this week.



First up, on Travel Reportage, New York City and Boston in black and white. Here, Giulia shows her splendid photography skills. She made this post to make it up to New York City since she pointed NYC as her least favourite destination. And I think NYC would be pretty happy about this post.


Second, on Bootsnall8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Burma. Okay, here’s the story. Few weeks ago in Hong Kong, I met up with friends Bessie and Kyle who are living in Burma at the moment. They told me some interesting stories about Myanmar and what they are doing. And last week when I was in Jinghing, Xishuangbanna, China, there were lots and lots of jade dealers from Burma. I didn’t even know Burma is famous for their jade. While walking down the Jade street, we found a little coffee & snack place and it was the hangout place for all the Burmese jade dealers in Jinghong. We met a Burmese guy at the restaurant and ended up came back there to share a banana pancake. After that visit to the little Burma, everything about Burma keeps appearing. Tweets, blog posts, book recommendation from Amazon… maybe this is a sign?!


Third, on The Great Family EscapeHow The Pros Store And Manage Their Travel Photos. As an amateur photographer, or just a traveler who has a lot of interests in photography, I always wonder what’s the best way to keep my files safe. When I traveled with my film camera, it was simple — just keep the films safe. But now we are traveling with the digital equipments, and taking way more photos than we used to. Here are some good informations from the pros.


Fourth, on Jeff Goins WriterWhy I Believe in the Power of Story. I think it took a fairly long time, for me, to realize I’m the one who are writing my own story. I thought I did know it, but I didn’t. After all, we – travel bloggers are connected with good stories from different times and different places in the world. So what kind of stories would you like to tell, and who do you want to be in the story?


Fifth, on Bohemian TravelerPhotos from the Road: Playing Chinese Chess under Chaoyang Gate. Jianshui was the first place that I liked in China. There was few more places after that, but Jianshui was the very first one. China wasn’t getting any easier for foreign travelers, cities were filled with people and traffic, and beautiful places were full of travelers. But I really enjoyed the few days in Jianshui. There was nothing much to do, but I could feel the welcoming atmosphere and people were enjoying their time. It was like a little party under Chaoyang Gate. Men were playing chess, women were dancing, and kids were playing. It was a fine moment.



Okay, there you have it. I will see you next week!






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