Runaway Juno is running away – shortly. I’m at the airport, on free Wi-Fi as we speak.  In an hour, I will be on the plane to…


Okay. Where am I going? Here are some clues.


# This is a place that goes well with my backpack. (where isn’t?)


# I have a pack of baby wipes in my backpack. But to be fair, I’m bringing them all the time.


# It’s not Korea. Actually I’ve never been this country.


# I will fly with a budget airline. First time fly overseas with a budget airline!


# There’s a good chance that I will have an actual #BeachThursday at a beach this week.


# I’ll eat a lot of fruits! That’s for sure.


# And.. I might get some weight by the time I get back. Because I’ve heard so much about how insanely great the food is there!! A lot of running time ahead…


# Flight will take 6 hours but will be arrived sooner because I’m going west.


# What to wear to the airport? I thought. Because the weather is completely different than here right now!! I don’t want extra luggage..


# Most of all, I’m super excited!!!


Where to? Okay. Guess…. go!!!


For the person who got the right answer.. well, I don’t have anything to offer but you will have a chance to be so excited with me! 🙂


You’ll find out in…… 6 hours!!!


Bon voyage!




19 thoughts on “Runaway Juno is running away!”

  1. I’m thinking Southeast Asia too, but that seems a little bit close for a 6 hour flight, maybe not though. I’ll go with Thailand or Cambodia!

  2. Budget airline?…..I’m gonna guess Malaysia, and that you’re going with Air Asia??

    Or Thailand with JinAir?…

    They’re the only two budget airlines I can think of that leave from Incheon!!

    Enjoy your trip….I’m super jealous! My next vacation day is Children’s Day ㅋㅋ


  3. Hmmm, my guess is Thailand as well. Singapore seems like the right flight time, but you’ve been there, Malaysia and Cambodia. Hot, humid, backpack, and good food, I am guessing Thailand. Have a fun trip!

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