It’s snow again in Seoul. Again! I love snow, but it’s too much lately.

This weekend is going to be super freezing cold, so if you are here in my peninsula, you’d better pull up your collars!


eCollegeFinder Study Abroad Ambassadors Award

Well, today I got very exciting news. Few weeks ago, eCollegeFinder Study Abroad Ambassadors Award contact me because Runaway Juno is nominated among 50 best study abroad/Travel bloggers on their website. And now I got a new email with it’s final link. They have to extend their list to 75 because there are just so many great sources out there and I totally agree.

Here’s a part of their introduction.

“The Study Abroad Ambassadors award recognizes some of the best university study abroad programs, as well as travel websites that provide priceless information to students as they prepare to leave and plan return from their experiences. Read the stories and tips from the resources provided below, allow yourself to dream, and who knows, maybe you will find yourself inspired to go abroad!”

Here is the link. Please take a look and enjoy other great 74 blogs!


A city girl’s guide do adventure travel : Guest post on Downtown Travel

A while ago, Leslie, the head of Downtown Traveler asked me to write a post for them. As a born and raised city girl but prefer roll over in the wild, I could not resist write this. Downtown traveler is upcoming star on travel blog industry runs by Leslie, a NYC girl.

Here’s a short introduction.

“I was born and raised in Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea. I lived in another city, Suwon, for University. Just simply, I’m a girl from a big city.

Someone asked me, does this fact stop me from having wild adventures? My answer is no. I’m a backpacker. “Adventurous” is the main word that could describe me. Growing up in the city doesn’t make me who I am; I found a non-city side of me over the last 20-something years. During many of my travels, I became a fan of the countryside more than big cities.

As a city girl and a born backpacker, if you ask me, “Can city girls handle adventure travel?” my answer is “Hell yeah!””

Visit Downtown traveler and read the full disclosure.


5 places I want to take my friend who visits Seoul : Guest post on GOT SAGA

The famous Got Saga! Patricia asked me to wrote a guest post on their travel community. As a well known Seoul city guide (? 🙂 ), I have few places in mind to take my friends. When Meaghan and Camber visited me, I took them to few of the places and it was a success. Of course it was too cold to go and enjoy riverside or botanic garden… 🙂

Here’s a short introduction.

“Gyeongbok palace and National Folk Museum of Korea

Seoul is all about culture and history. It’s a good way to start to get to know Seoul. Among many palaces around the city, Gyeongbok gung is the biggest and my favourite. Beautiful smooth curves on the roof, all the color, and the fact that this is the place where king used to live make us feel special.

National Folk Museum of Korea is another great option. It’s just right next to Gyeongbok palace, and free of charge. If anyone asks me, I would say this is the best museum around the country. It is based on how the people of Korea made living in the old days and how things have been changed.”

Visit GOT SAGA and find out which places I choose!

Tips for being a second language travel writer : Guest post at Runaway Jane

I once wrote an article about what is it like to be a second language travel writer.

Jane, other Runaway clan sister 🙂 asked me to write a post about being a second language writer.

I am not an expert but as a travel writer who is doing this for almost an year, I thought I could give some ideas how to deal with the fear. It hit me so many times during all this time. Sure thought about it a lot.

Here is a short introduction from Jane.

“Today’s guest post is by Juno from Juno’s first language is Korean, but she choose one year ago to start writing about her travels in English, even though she had never lived in an English speaking country, or been formally trained in the language. She did so because she wanted to connect with a larger audience. As someone who’s only fluent language is English, I’ve always been interested to find out what it is like for a 2nd language writer, and I thought it would be useful for Juno to share her top tips on here for anyone thinking of doing it…”

Read it and tell me what you think 🙂


Other than that… I caught a cold yesterday, so I has been very snotty. It’s snowing AGAIN! in Seoul, and this weekend is going to be seriously cold.

I’m planning what to do on Korean New Year’s holiday, after the ceremony. I won’t go overseas, so just picking up which place in the peninsula.Maybe Jeju island? I would love to see winter jeju island in Runaway Juno’s perspective. 😉

Cooking has been another fun fact lately, I’m going to make ‘Spinach ball’ this weekend. It’s a chopped spinach with cheese. and maybe chicken pot pie 🙂

Go to dance studio like usual. Back and shoulder are sore a bit but feel good.


Be warm, and take it easy! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Few updates on Runaway Juno”

  1. Wow, you’re keeping busy! Congrats on being named a Study Abroad ambassador – your blog will be helpful to students considering S Korea as a study destination, or who are looking for travel inspiration! On a seperate note, it was my pleasure to have you as a Downtown Traveler guest writer. Your post is amazing! xoxo

  2. Congrats for the awards sis 🙂
    I am just back in Cairo! They told me it was snowing here too in the past days… and after a week in Singapore with 30°C, it’s shocking to be here! :p
    Talk to you soon 🙂

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