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July 27, 2012
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August 2, 2012

We All Have #Calling — Round 2 Your Photos for #ExpediaFindYours



Your #Calling Moments – Round 2 : Expedia Find Yours Twitter Photo Contest


You shared your special moment with all of us, through #ExpediaFindYours. The round one photo recap was a lot of fun. During the last week, more photos had been submitted, with more special stories.

What’s your special #calling?

Here are your answers:



The Best of This Week


Found my #calling that lead to a major changed in life in Macau #ExpediaFindYours

“Traveled there solo with my son on a very last minute work trip to Shenzhen. It would be my last. I quit to be with my family full time and pursue my love of travel. 1 year later I have baby boy no. 2 and love my life so much more not working 9-5.”



@RunawayJuno and @Expedia are looking for #travelphotos that are #Calling – here is ours –>




This view was my #calling. Sunset from land property I recently bought in Belize #ExpediaFindYours



Found my #Calling while in Punta Cana last year;




My #calling could well be to explore every type of coffee on this planet. #expediafindyours



I found my #calling at High Lonesome Ranch in Colorado~#ExpediaFindYours

Owly Images



Zippin over @Gatorland takes #Cojones & #Strength I could hear their jaws #Calling my name below #ExpediaFindYours
Owly Images



My #calling is to help her explore the world, enjoy all that’s in it, & keep her safe #ExpediaFindYours



I found my #calling whilst volunteering in Cambodia.  #ExpediaFindYours



Badlands National Park, South Dakota #ExpediaPic




I found an understanding of having a#calling in Thailand.



My #Bliss is anywhere around water.  #RoadTrip to #Shuswap  #Calling  @RunawayJuno



Nature is #Calling in Lake Louise, #Canada #ExpediaFindYours  @RunawayJuno



Whitehaven Beach was the reason why the Whitsundays were #calling us #expediafindyours#queensland




#Calling all luxury loving beach bums— nap time  @SheratonNassau @VisithTheBahamas. #ExpediaFindYours



My #calling is to discover the world–(sometimes by bicycle) #ExpediaFindYours

on Dragon Bridge


Juno Kim
Juno Kim
Juno Kim, Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Juno set off for the wider world to pursue her passion for travel and storytelling. She traveled the world as an award-winning travel blogger and photographer, witnessing the everyday life of different cultures. Currently based in Anchorage, Alaska and exploring this amazing Last Frontier. Follow my journey through @RunawayJuno and Instagram .


  1. Andi says:

    These are all awesome shots!!!

  2. Born27 says:

    Such great pictures and i love the way you captured it. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep up the good work!

  3. Charu says:

    Thanks for including me, Juno! So great to see you in NYC

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