Olomouc, Czech Republic


Poet’s Corner Hostel – Olomouc, Czech Republic


Location: Near the old city square (5-10 minute walk), one tram ride from the train station. They will give you a good workout when you arrive, because they are located at 5th floor.

Internet Access: Wi-Fi in the hostel. Works well in the room.

Room: The rooms were well furnished and the bed was comfortable. Closet, lights, electric outlet… felt like staying at a friend’s house.

Travel information: the hostel has their own map for the city and the staffs are sharing their favourite places in town. The staffs were very informative and enthusiastic. Bikes for rent also.

Other service:

Kitchen is easy to use and have free tea and coffee all day.

The common room is big and comfortable; sofas and tables make it easier to read, relax or work.

You can see the great view of the city from their balcony and from the room.

The best about Poet’s Corner: Feels like home: comfortable to hangout.

Would I recommend staying here?: Yes



Poet’s corner is one of my two favourite hostels in Europe, and possibly every hostel I’ve ever been. The very important factor to consider ‘good hostel’ is to have a homey feeling with understanding of travelers’ need, and Poet’s corner has both of them. Moreover, now I’m traveling and working at the same time as a blogger, good working environment is a huge aspect and the homey feeling of the hostel was perfect for me to concentrate. Working on the sofa is the best. I cooked my own food, made the lunch, drink tea and coffee every morning, and worked. I loved every minute of it. There’s a reason why Poet’s corner is a number one recommended hostel from every traveler who’s been through Olomouc.

Comfortable common area at Poet's Corner
Kitchen at Poet's Corner
Balcony with a view

Olomouc is a laid back town from the starters. Locals call it ‘better Prague’, meaning fewer tourists but (almost) equally historic and beautiful. In fact, it is the second largest historical town of Czech Republic. The Holy Trinity column is the most impressive column in the country, if not the entire eastern Europe. Now the revenues for tourists are getting bigger, but still Olomouc doesn’t get tourists yet. But after visiting Prague, I can’t argue with the description ‘better Prague’. There’s just something about this town. I don’t think I’ve ever run into more than five tourists in the city square. Well, I liked it. It is a small city with a convenient tram system, and the hostel is only 5 – 10 minutes away from the main square.


There’s no official reception desk, but at least one of the staffs are always in the house. They know the best spots of the town: microbrew beer, restaurant, cycling route… And there are plenty of guidebooks you can read in the hostel as well.


Two the most important thing about this review: first, include Olomouc on your Czech Republic travel itinerary, and second, stay at Poet’s corner when you go!



#Disclosure: My stay at Poet’s Corner is sponsored by Hostelworld.com due to the partnership between Runaway Juno. However, all the contents are written by my own words.


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  1. Loved this hostel. Was really low-key and a great place to hang around. Not a party hostel but you can still have a good time. Could stay here for a couple weeks.

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