Hostel of the Sun

Accommodation Hostel of the Sun @ Naples, Italy
Location At the end of No.1 tram (Colombo direction), and it is only 15 minutes walk to the old city
Internet Access Wi-Fi in every floor and strong connection in the room.
Room I stayed at a private double room. The room was spacious, window was open to the street, and the shared bathroom was quite comfortable
Travel Information Map and travel information is available at the reception desk. They are very knowledgable about the whole area, and passionate to give the travel information.
Other service Simple breakfast, locker, free PC to use, kitchen facility
Comment The bed wasn’t too comfortable, but I had a good night sleep every night. So I guess it was comfortable after all! 🙂
Would I recommend staying here? Yes


Hotel of the Sun was full of character. You can feel the energy as soon as enter the door. No, actually the unique energy starts from the coin-operated elevator. The elevator was free when we arrived because it was weekend, otherwise we would be pretty lost.


When you enter the door, you’ll see colourful chairs, notes on the wall, maps, and moneys from every possible countries in the world. It is a hostel with a history. I could tell it was a traveler friendly hostel. The staff are pleasant and friendly. We shook hands for several minutes and went downstairs for the room. We stayed at a private double room with shared bathroom. The room was very spacious, and we could look down the street from our window. There was a desk, closet (also works as a locker), and a big bed.


The main lobby at the Hostel of the Sun


The lobby was a great place to hangout. I quite liked the art pieces around the hostel. I spent some time in the lobby over breakfast, and only discovered the balcony the next day. There were some secret spots to enjoy the atmosphere. Breakfast was simple with toast and coffee, but you’ll see the biggest jar of Nutella you’ll ever see. It was amazing (and frightening!) the jar was almsot empty. Nutella is an amazing thing. I think I’ve never eaten that much of Nutella after that.


Wall of Money at the Hostel of the Sun
Wall of Money at the Hostel of the Sun


What I liked the most about the Hostel of the Sun was their staff. They were like the people I could ask about anything, and answered them with a passion. Because Naples was such an important part of my Runaway Europe journey, I wanted to explore the town as smart as possible. They were very passionate about the town, we got some great informations from them. Because the hostel was located not so far from the attractions in Naples, everything we wanted to see was quite walkable.


We based ourselves at the hostel and explored Naples and surroundings. It has been such a good home to go back. I usually liked to hang out indoors for a day or two, to just enjoy the atmosphere and get some work done, but I didn’t have any time to spend indoors in Naples. We had quite a tight schedule. but, exploring Herculaneum, and eating (a lot of) pizza would never happen without our temporary home. Thank you everyone at the Hostel of the Sun!


#Disclosure: I was a guest of the Hostel of the Sun through a partnership with However the content is reflecting my own opinion, not theirs.



3 thoughts on “Hostel Hopping with – Hostel of the Sun @ Naples, Italy”

  1. I am really looking forward to going to Naples at some point. Thanks for the hostel recommendation. I tend to like gritty cities so I think I will like it. Also keen to go to Sicily.

  2. I must admit, it was your Nutella pic that got me to click on this post! That being said, I love it when you walk into a place and can immediately pick up on the feel, energy or vibe of the surrounding atmosphere. Then again, it might have been those giant orange lamps.

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