Music is essential in definition of great travel. I am a music person. Music inspired me very much and it connects with a lot of memories. In previous travels with CD Player, I wanted to have a travel speaker but I couldn’t get one. It was either super expensive or out of stock. Recently iTouch and iPhone have been great travel companions because they can play as a speaker as well. It’s still pretty good but it doesn’t sound good when play music out loud with the devises. Now, we have a better option, which is X-Mini travel speaker. This goes with my next travel to the States for sure!


How do I like it?


I took X-Mini to my recent camping trip for the first time. In the tent at the shore, X-mini shined its value. We were playing Disney music as a comfort song using the speaker. It was not a party of anything, but pretty good for our little tent. We enjoyed. And it fits perfect in my small travel backpack as well. It even came with a small white bag!


Why it is good?


  • It is travel friendly. It can easily fit into your passport bag or backpack because it is light and small, roughly same size of your passport.
  • It has decent sound quality with pretty powerful bass xpansion system for a mini speaker.
  • It has 12 hours of playback time and can charge with computer using USB.
  • It can go with any portable devices.
  • It has buddy jack. Just like their description “our parents taught us to share when we were young. That’s why we invented Buddy Jack”, you can connect several different X-Minis.
  • It doesn’t look like ‘gadget’ per se. Mine is in red and looks really cute.


Any downside?


  • Even thought is has powerful speaker system, still this is mini speaker. If you are expecting better quality, it can bring you down. But this is highly relative.



Check out their website for more information about X-MINI MAX V1.1 CAPSULE SPEAKER. There are more versions and different kind of speakers in the website.





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