The truth is that Venice can keep you busy for a couple of weeks, so you need to prioritize your time while you’re there. However, is it possible to take in the best of this Adriatic city in just twenty-four hours, without getting exhausted or suffering from major whiplash? Yes, it is possible, but there are a few rules that you need to follow.

For a start, you will have to be selective in what you want to see and experience; do not attempt to try covering everything, since you will be disappointed in a big way. Second, you need to start early and head to the prime sites before tourist crowds descend and make your life unbearable.

Third, walking everywhere will tire you out fast, find a means of transportation. From the moment you leave the Venice airport, water taxi will transport you to Venice City center. From there a vaporetto or a gondola can take you around the city, leaving you relaxed and focused on the amazing scenery.

Venice is one of the world’s most famous destinations awaiting for you to explore. With about 118 islands and 150 canals, there is plenty of ground, and water, to cover. However, a 24-hour tour will help you see some of the best offerings of the city, without overwhelming your senses; expect a lot of coffee!

Are you ready to try the impossible? Here is a simple guide to taking in Venice in just a day.

St. Mark’s Square

Also known as the Piazza San Marco, it is right in the heart of Venice and is home to many government offices and facilities important to the city. However, you will need to get to the park early enough to avoid crowds that converge there by around mid-morning. The square features a 900-year-old St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica of San Marco) with five beautifully designed domes that prominently feature Byzantine and Romanesque architecture.

The square is a wonderful place to visit with hundreds of pigeons entertaining you as you sip your cup of coffee. Next, explore the magnificent Palazzo Ducale, “the wedding cake,” building with ornate arcades and façade covered by Istrian limestone and Verona marble.

Explore the Waterfront

As you walk along the waterfront that is past the San Zaccaria at Riva Degli Schiavoni, you will eventually get to the bridge that leads to Arsenale. You will not be allowed to get into the military complex, but a short walk past will see you come upon the triumphal arch, Porta Magna, which is flanked by marble lions. While here, take a breather and another cup of coffee at the café in the square.

Next, take a gondola or traghetto and head into the North East district of Cannaregio. Take a walk through the alleys, across the bridges and take in the tranquility and peace of the area, which is mostly not crowded by tourist crowds.

Get Back to the Grand Canal

Once you are ready to head back, you can take the Ponte de Guglie Bridge and go towards Ferrovia, which is Santa Lucia’s main railway station. Since you have been on the move for the most of the day, consider relaxing your feet by taking a water taxi ride to San Marco through the Grand Canal. This 20-minute journey will see you cover 4 kilometers of some of the most amazing sights in Venice.

As you get to the end, you will find the San Marco dominating over the Santa Maria Della Salute Church. As you head back to Piazza San Marco, take your time and listen to orchestras in the Caffe Quadri and Caffe Florian. After all, after such a heartwarming journey through Venice in a day, you deserve a break filled with music and the third cup of delicious coffee.

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