Ultimate Ladies’ Guide for Walking Apparel

Just because you’re going out to exercise doesn’t mean that you can’t wear stylish sportswear. If you want to look great and feel comfortable while taking a walk around the park, here’s a guide for choosing the right walking gear.


Autumnal Outings

As Autumn erupts; it becomes the perfect time to enjoy walking amongst the golds and reds of the trees, and to feel the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot.

Your post-summer walking ritual should always include a quick check of your shoes to make sure that there are no cracks on its sole; and that it remains waterproof, so that you’ll be ready for whatever the weather brings.


Practicality over Prada

If you are exercising with your friends, you might feel quite competitive when it comes to looking cool whilst wrapping up warm for walking. This can result in some hilarious catwalk shows when you get together! Seriously though, it’s worth investigating some of the more adventurous hiking holidays on sites such as Lonely Planet.com, as it’s clear that investing in practical walking apparel, to suit differing climates and terrain, is crucial.



Invest in a decent pair of walking boots, and remember to try them on with a thick pair of socks or you’ll run the risk of buying boots that pinch when you get all your walking gear on.

You’ll need a waterproof jacket, preferably with a removable fleece lining, so that you can adjust your layers during your walk. You can’t emphasize enough how important wearing several thin layers is; You can wear a vest top, T-shirt and light fleece. Don’t worry about the luggage because it’s light and can fit in a small backpack. Always carry a pair of gloves and a good hat, to be ready for the elements, plus waterproof trousers, as you’ll be really grateful if you get caught in a downpour, or have to cross a stream or two.


Happy walking

Remember ladies, good boots are going to be your new best friend, and several layers of thin clothing are better than one thick garment under your waterproofs. Whether you’re going for an afternoon stride through the countryside, or Meerkat watching in Africa, getting the basics right, will make all the difference to your walking experience. Stay safe, warm and dry, and discover the joy of walking; you’ll love it.

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