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Top 7 Travel Guide Cameroon

For many people, Cameroon is the country that provides you with a perfect blend of what Africa has to offer. This means that many people will head to Cameroon in an attempt to have as many enjoyable experiences as they can. With rainforests and deserts, the highest peak in Western Africa, busy cities and many great religions, Cameroon is an African nation that is extremely welcoming, making it one of the best tourist destinations in the continent.


If you are looking for a Cameroon destination that offers a very relaxing time, Kribi is the destination you should be heading to. There are plenty of glorious beaches to enjoy and there is an excellent array of freshly caught seafood. This is a place where tourists and locals mingle, giving a great atmosphere and sense of fun on your holiday. If you are looking to see a stunning sight, the Chutes de la Lobe waterfalls are found just outside of the city.


For many people, shopping and snapping up items of the local culture are crucial when it comes to making the most of a trip. This is something that is on offer in Cameroon with the market town of Ebolowa being the ideal destination to hunt for bargains and even utilise some haggling skills. This is a very busy market that lets you to experience local life in Cameroon at close hand.

Travel the Ring Road

There are some travel destinations that leave you perplexed as to why you would want to visit them but then you decide that you have to do them anyway. The Ring Road that goes around Mt Oku, is a terrific tourist trip with one of the major highlights being Lake Nyos. This lake leaks a toxic gas and yet it has a draw and great appeal to many tourists in Cameroon. If you are heading to this lake and its strange gases, you will want to ensure that you have sufficient travel insurance in place. Staying safe is paramount on your trip and having travel insurance will offer a sense of confidence and peace of mind that will help you to make the most of your Cameroon holiday.

Enjoy the Bamoun Ceremonies

One of the biggest things that people like about African culture is the number of celebrations and parties that are on offer. These can be highly colourful, presenting you with a stunning range of sights to look out for and get involved with. If you head to Foumban, you will find that there is a great number of celebrations to look out for, providing you with a strong focus for your Cameroon trip.

Love the nightlife

No matter what sort of holiday destination you head to, seeing the local nightlife is a major part of the trip for most people. If you are heading off to Cameroon, you will find that Bikutsi and Makossa music is what you should be looking out for if you want to experience the nightlife that the locals love. This is a great way to party into the small hours.

See the rainforest

There is a coastal trail for the lowland rainforest in Bimbia, which is found an hour from Limbe. This trail will allow you to see the rainforest at first hand while providing you with an excellent opportunity to see as many birds as you can. The mangrove trail is the destination to look out for if this appeals to you.

Get in touch with nature

If you are keen to see animals in their natural habitat while still staying safe, the Parc National de Waza is the place to be. You will find lions, a huge range of birds, giraffes, hippos and elephants on offer, allowing you to see so many of the animals that Africa is associated with at close hand but still from a safe distance.


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