Reasons to try Winter Camping in a Motorhome

Winter camping? You must be joking! Bear with me a moment and give it a chance. Winter camping in a motorhome is both an adventure and a comfortable trip. Similar to glamping, you get to immerse yourself in nature whilst having numerous amenities at your fingertips and a nice mattress beneath your sleeping head. You get to be self sufficient, able to prepare your own delicious meals. Read on for four reasons to try winter camping in a motorhome this festive season!


We’ve become so accustomed to the concept of a summer holiday, saving up all year and only taking time off then. But this is quite unnecessary, unless you’re hindered by children’s school holidays or a profession that has less work in summer. But even in those cases, consider taking a long weekend to try winter camping in a motorhome.

Travelling outside of peak summer can allow for reduced costs, as your motorhome hire will be cheaper, and campsites have reduced prices. Industries remove their high tourist costs, allowing you to enjoy and experience more on your holiday – for less!


It is true that the cold weather will drive you indoors, but is that really a problem? If you switch on a good electric heater, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and slide on some fluffy socks, you’re good to go! And staying indoors in a motorhome together can be social and great for catching up. Spend hours chatting over hot chocolate (with Baileys added for an extra kick!), playing board games or watching christmas movies together. We often go on holiday with friends or family to spend time with them, and being snowed in together is the perfect way.

Something New

Life is short, and so we need to make sure we experience everything possible. Camping in winter is such a unique experience, and truly one to try at least once. Winter camping in a  motorhome makes it slightly easier and comfier, but still allows you to wake up to a winter wonderland surrounding you. 

Especially around Christmas, we can get very caught up on traditions and how we think we should celebrate. We become focused on all the stuff, the excess of food and expensive decorations. Now maybe you don’t want to spend the actual Christmas day camping, but heading out for a long weekend during the season may be a nice break from it all. Strip things back and discover what aspects of the festivities matter most to you. You may find that a turkey sandwich, a cup of tea and a game of cards with your partner is more than enough merriment for you.

Stress Reduction

As mentioned, this can be quite a hectic period! Family may come to visit, there are gifts to be bought, parties to attend, food to prepare and more. But this is also a time of celebration, of appreciating everything you have. Winter camping allows you to get away, without the stress and bustle of a city trip. Camping has been shown to reduce stress levels, releasing feel good hormones and allowing you to just stop and breathe. Don’t let the holiday season fly by, take a step back and truly revel in it!

Take advantage of the off-season prices and availability, and venture into the unknown world of winter camping. Embark into the winter wonderland, complete with frost tipped trees and coffee complete with a vibrant sunrise. Don’t focus all your holiday days and savings on a summer trip, but let yourself escape the bustle of winter and lack of sunlight for a campervan adventure.

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