Orlando on a Rainy Day: What to Do?

While you may book a break in this magical place during the height of the summer season, you can never truly guarantee non-existent rainy spells. You may have your flights to Orlando under your belt, and have booked your family into an ideally placed hotel where you are a stone’s throw away from the action, but one thing you can’t predict is the weather. While the chance of rain like we are used to in the UK is slim to none, you never know when the heavens may open to attempt to rain on your parade.

So, what do you do if it starts to pour down? Do you continue on as normal, like the trooper that you are, wearing your poncho and hoping that it will ease up in a few minutes? Do you hide indoors and treat your day as a rest day? Or do you take heed of some of these top ideas so that you can continue to enjoy all that Orlando has on offer, come rain or shine? Read on if the latter sounds good to you:

Downtown Disney

Head to Downtown Disney if the weather forecast is looking a little glum. Here, you will find plenty of shops to mooch around, as well as a huge cinema, plenty of eateries and a Cirque du Soleil. You could spend an entire day here, dining out and catching a movie before treating the family to a circus experience that they’ll never forget.

Shop Till You Drop

Alternatively, you could use the dull day as an excuse to shop till you drop at one of the shopping malls that are within easy reach – the Florida Mall and the Mall at Millennia are crammed with superb shopping opportunities.

Stick to the Parks

Look at the positives-  even if it does begin to rain, the queues won’t be as long!

Bear in mind that Florida’s rainy season runs between June and September and, while you should expect the odd downpour during these months, it certainly won’t ruin your break. Pack a mac or grab a poncho and go with it – after all, you should be used to the rain back home anyway!


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