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No time to rest in Olu Deniz

There are many fabulous places to visit in Turkey, but one resort that has a bit of everything on offer for people who enjoy being active is Olu Deniz, situated in the south west of Turkey. The focal point of the resort is its stunning blue lagoon that has a pebbled beach and forms part of a national nature reserve.

Of course, you can take the soak up the sun option for your holiday here and lie on the beach enjoying the beautiful scenery, but if that’s not your kind of holiday, there are so many activities you can get involved in and around Olu Deniz.

For starters, there’s white water rafting on the Dalaman River where you can enjoy spills and thrills while drinking in the amazing scenery that will act as a backdrop to your adrenalin-rush ride. You can also canoe in the area – a popular route is from Xanthos to Patara Beach.

Away from the water, there are plenty of biking trails. You can hire mountain bikes easily, and it’s a great way to take in some of the amazing views around the area. Similarly, if you love hiking there are plenty of routes both inland and along the coast. Many of today’s hiking trails are former mule tracks – which used to be used for transport of goods. You can check with the local tourist office for maps and advice on where to go.

Back in the water, you can find some great locations for scuba diving and the waters around Olu Deniz are crystal clear so they’re perfect for novice divers to take their first lessons with one of the local dive schools.

As for where to stay, the choice of accommodation is vast. You can choose to stay in the town itself, or one of the hotels like the Greenland Hotel which is about 5km out of town, and offers peaceful and beautiful surroundings.


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