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First Holidays: Spain with Baby

It’s not unusual to think that holidaying abroad with a newborn just isn’t the done thing. Many new parents will choose to wait a while before they clamber aboard an aircraft with their little one in tow but why? Why wait? After all the hard work you have put in over recent months, adapting to your new life with an infant, why shouldn’t you give yourselves a big pat on the back by heading to somewhere nice and warm for a week or two of (relative) relaxation and quality family time?

Of course, you don’t have to go far. Short haul breaks are recommended for those travelling with babies for the first time, because of the short flight times. In many cases, flying with a baby is easier than travelling with tots so make the most of it before they start wriggling, crawling and wanting the toilet every two minutes! Direct Holidays in Spain ( are perfect for a stint overseas, with take-off and landing done and dusted within an hour or two.

The Spanish Costas and the Balearic Islands are extremely family-friendly and, once you’re past all the cooing over your bambino, you can spend your time enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. Whether you choose the Costa del Sol or opt to head for the peacefulness of Menorca, child-friendly amenities and plenty of sunshine will ensure that your little family will have a blast.

Choosing when to travel becomes extremely important when travelling with infants. Children’s delicate skin doesn’t fare well in blistering temperatures, never mind the skin of a baby. Consider travelling during springtime or at the end of the holiday season, where temperatures are a little cooler and the sea breeze is a little stronger. If you do head out there during the Spanish summer, make sure you stay out of the midday sun (12pm – 2pm) and keep baby in the shade for as long as possible. If they are out in the sunshine at any point, lather them with high SPF suncream and protect their head and skin.

Don’t feel like you have to stay at home with a newborn. There’s no reason why you can’t head abroad with them and give them their first taste of being a jetsetter, even if they won’t be able to remember it.

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