The views of the Indian Ocean and Swan River from Perth are a must-see for natives, business travellers and tourists alike. Those looking for something to do when they take in the view should consider dining at some of the finest restaurants on the waterfront. Whether you’re looking for the top-rated or those indie gems that are relatively unknown, you’re sure to find a place that interests you.

Coco’s Riverside Bar and Restaurant

If the weather’s nice, sitting outside at Coco’s Riverside Bar and Restaurant patio is an unforgettable way to take in the views of the river. Located in the Esplanade area of South Perth, Coco’s has been a favourite dining spot for a number of local celebrities for over eighteen years. Dining fare is largely modern Australian, with staples from across the globe, such as Parmesan polenta and fresh-grilled scallops. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind meal, try the beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise.

Blackbird Restaurant

Along the path of Swan River is the Claisebrook Cove. An ideal venue for gazing upon this body of water is the Blackbird Restaurant, a beautifully decorated restaurant specialising in European cuisine. A must-visit for wine aficionados, Blackbird Restaurant features both locally produced and internationally imported wines. The cosy, intimate environment of the restaurant, and how the lakeshore is lit up at night, makes it a great destination for those looking for a place to enjoy themselves but aren’t interested in the bustle of the nightclubs in the area. Watch for the Blackbird special meal of the day, and expect to find seafood, beef and lamb dishes among the offerings.

The Old Brewery

Those looking for a steakhouse on the waterfront need look no further than the Old Brewery along Mount Bay Road in the Old Swan Brewery complex. With a menu that focuses on steaks and modern Australian cuisine, including vegetarian options, the Old Brewery is suitable for business meetings, romantic dinners and family-friendly dining. If the weather is nice, be sure to request a seat on the patio so you can dine along the Swan River. Of course, it wouldn’t be called a brewery without a fine selection beers. There are even beef and beer cooking classes offered on a regular basis, so if you want a one-of-a-kind experience, sign up for a course during your stay.

The Red Herring

Not only does the Red Herring in East Fremantle have a gorgeous view of the Swan River for its guests to enjoy, it’s full of history, too. In 1912, a man named Arthur Auguste started an oyster wholesaling business in the area. After his death in 1932, his family decided to open a restaurant that specialised in fresh oysters, and it’s that restaurant that eventually became the Red Herring. The menu is largely seafood fare, but you’ll also find high-quality, non-seafood offerings, such as Wagyu beef steaks.
Are you taking a tour of Swan River by boat? Make a reservation and ask about arriving via the Red Herring’s private jetty!

Hippo Creek African Grill & Steakhouse

Another waterfront steakhouse serving steaks so large you may wonder how much of the cow they left for other diners, Hippo Creek African Grill & Steakhouse offers something a little bit different, other than a stunning waterfront view. African and other exotic cuisine on the menu includes crocodile, ostrich, camel and buffalo.

Shun Fung on the River

If you’re in the Bell Tower area in Barrack Square Jett, stop by Shun Fung on the River for a menu dedicated to Chinese cuisine. Fresh seafood, such as lobster, jellyfish and snow crabs, both locally caught and imported, are cooked when ordered with a Chinese flair like spicy Sichuan-style. There are non-seafood items on the menu, too, like duck and pork.
As the capital of Western Australia, Perth has so much to offer, from nightlife to cultural activities to family-friendly fare; however, anyone who spends even a day in the city would be remiss to skip having a meal along the stunning waterfront. No matter your tastes, Perth waterfront restaurants have something for you.
Image from Perth Now.
About the Author: Guy Maddock is a contributing writer, travel blogger and Perth native. He recommends anyone heading to Perth search for deals on cheap Perth flights before making any travel arrangements.

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