Amsterdam is a wonderful and charming place to visit, particularly in the spring when the city awakens from its winter slumber. At this time of year, travelling costs are down and the city is in full bloom and offers many fun events.
Here are six reasons why you might want to consider visiting the capital of the Netherlands in the spring.

  • Weather. In March, the temperatures are cool, with some rain and cold nights. As April arrives, the days get warmer and longer, and the tulips, crocuses, hyacinths and other colourful flowers begin to bloom. April is the second driest month, making it a great time to explore the outdoors. Amsterdam weather is unpredictable, but the Dutch continue their fun with no concern for rain or cold, and so should you when you visit. Just bring some warm clothes and an umbrella.


  • Parks and gardens. The beautiful Keukenhof bulb flower park opens the third week in March and stays open until April so be sure to explore the gardens and enjoy the tulips that blanket the ground. Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) is great for walking, biking and picnicking. The Westerpark features trees and ponds, and many nearby restaurants and cafes. You might also wish to see other squares and parks, including Dam Square and Vondelpark. And during Open Garden Days, about 30 private gardens located behind canal houses are open to the public.


  • Cost. Costs for flights, accommodations and attractions are lower in the spring than in the summer, when most people travel to the city. If you’re looking for cheaper flights, go in March.


  • Events. March 5-11, the city has its Restaurant Week, when you can experience lunch or dinner at exclusive and award-winning restaurants for a modest, fixed price. 5 Weeks Off is an electronic music festival in March. On April 14 and 15, museums all over the Netherlands offer free admission. The Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival takes place in April, with films of all genres. The most popular event in the city is Queen’s Day, April 30, with a huge open-air market, singing and dancing and other kinds of festivities. Amsterdam Tulip Days happen at the end of April and allow you to see tulips in a number of the city’s gardens. Art Amsterdam is in early May, with more than a hundred galleries presenting work at this five-day exhibit. The annual Haarlem music festival, which marks VE Day, takes place on May 5 and is called Bevrijdingspop. London Calling is an indie music festival that takes place in the spring and in the fall. In mid-May, Open Ateliers (Open Studios), neighbourhoods with artist populations, including Jordaan and Pijp, hold open houses. In April 2013, the new Rijksmuseum will open, with 8,000 works of art and objects displayed in over 80 rooms covering 800 years of Dutch history.


  • People. When you visit in the spring, you’ll avoid most of the crowds, unless you’re there during some busy events, such as Queen’s Day. Also, the Dutch will be in good spirits after the chilly winter.


  • Sports. The Holland Easter Cup, one of the biggest Easter football tournaments in Europe, is a two-day event. Cycling fans might want to check out National Cycling Day, when about 200,000 cyclists will be spinning their wheels on different routes. The Rotterdam Marathon, the biggest running event in the Netherlands, takes place in April, with up to a million spectators. And on May 19, enjoy SoccerRocker, an unusual and fun event where amateur soccer teams compete to the soundtrack of live, alternative pop and rock bands.

As you can see, there are many reasons to visit Amsterdam in the spring. And when you go, you’ll find your own reasons to love this city, which is full of canals and bridges and always open to visitors.
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About the Author: Dev Bhaskar is a world traveller who likes to save on travel with Three years ago, he visited Amsterdam in the spring and loved it. He recommends to his friends about to travel.

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