Yazd, Iran
Photo: Stefan Schinning

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iran in 2016

When thinking of new travel destinations to explore in 2016, a few people would be interested in checking out Iran. If you are hesitant towards traveling in this country, chances are, it is basically because you do not know what it can offer. With such, keep on reading and we will provide you with some reasons on why it should definitely be a part of your bucket list this year.


Warm Hospitality of the Locals

You might not know it, but Iranians are indeed very hospitable. They will surely make your holiday in Iran more memorable. It is common to be invited in the homes of locals. There are also traditional folk music nights where you will be welcomed with friendly locals. From the streets to the buses, you can see a lot of free-spirited people who are very welcoming. It is impossible to feel alienated, even if it is evident that you are a tourist.


A Paradise for Shopaholics

While Iran is no place for luxurious shopping, it does not mean that it should be crossed out from the list of countries a shopaholic must visit. One thing that makes Iran more inviting is its many bazaars. It is easy to get lost shopping because the places are humongous. Even if you are not looking for anything specific, just head to the shops and you will end up buying something, especially souvenirs. From antique tea sets to scarves, there are plenty of items to buy.


Go on a Food Trip

Forget about your diet when you are in Iran. Your holidays will not surely be complete without spoiling yourself and giving your appetite a treat. Taste authentic Iranian cuisine and be mesmerized with the unique flavor of their dishes. Iranian desserts are amongst the most popular for a culinary adventure, including faloodeh and bastani. Your food trip itinerary should also include a visit to some of its most revered coffee shops and a sample of their infamous teas.


Explore its Diverse Wildlife

Africa is a destination that is often mentioned when it comes to wildlife. Surprisingly, Iran is also sure to give you a good time if you would like to have a close encounter with different animals. Some of the most popular destinations that you should check would include Shadeghaan Wetlands, Golestan National Park, Goori Gol Wetlands, Touran Wildlife Refuge, Orumiyah Lake, and the Karkheh and Dez Protected Area. Some of the animals that you can see in Iran include vultures, leopards, cheetahs, deer, and boars.


Learn more About History and Culture

A visit in Iran will not be all about admiring beautiful sites, but can also be an opportunity to learn more about the history and the culture of the country. You might have seen Iran featured in numerous news television shows and movies in the past. Visiting the country is an opportunity for learning; a visit to the ancient site of Persepolis should definitely be on your itinerary. Booking a luxury tour of Iran is a great way to take in all that the country has to offer, while doing so in comfort. There are also museums that should be visited, such as National Museum of Iran, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Azerbaijan Museum.

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