Some people travel the world to party. Some people pack their bags to gaze their eyes upon beautiful architectures of the distant countries while some just like to travel and runaway into a tropical paradise to relax and just enjoy their time. However, as Travel Ticker writers share with us today, there is a group of people who travel the world to improve their health. And this is nothing surprising – for many ages, there have always been a few destinations around the globe which were famous for their healing benefits.

Today, let’s get acquainted with the world five best destinations which are famous for its healing properties. Some of them are perfect for healing your body, some of them for healing your soul, but all of them indeed help a traveler to feel better after just a few days in there.

San Benito, Philippines

San Benito is a beautiful little town in the Philippines, and it can be proud of one amazing place where you will heal yourself in an every possible way. A place called “The Farm” is a worldwide known health resort which offers the choice of a wellness holiday, detox cleanses or healing retreat. The whole resort is dedicated to helping you clean not only your body from various toxins but also free your mind from stress and other problems which don’t help a modern person in any way. All that is achieved with a special natural vegan and raw food diet and a fitness schedule created for every body’s needs. Here you can participate in yoga, meditation, food preparation, massages, aqua therapy, power walks, body wraps and scrubs and so much more, which all will make your body and soul healthier just after a few days.


Dahab, Egypt

Located nearby the beautiful and always warm Red Sea shore, this small and a little bit hippie-inspired town in Egypt is another fabulous place where you can recharge your batteries for good. Here you can not only enjoy beautiful sand beaches but also get yourself into various sacred meditation camps or famous therapeutic centers which are always full of people who wish to be healed. Desert meditation, underwater yoga, and traditional Turkish baths can also be found in here, so there won’t be any lack of activities there for sure.


In general, California is one of the places where your heart and your body will rest for sure. Fantastic weather for the bigger part of the year, California is also the home to the first fitness and spa resort in North America. So, the reputation of this State is definitely all about mental, physical and spiritual health. With boot camps, weight-loss programs, cooking classes, personal training sessions, spa treatments and many other programs for all types of tourists, in California, you will forget everything that bothered you instantly.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the fourth destination we would like to mention today. This fantastic little island is just perfect to get away and rest your feet and soul. Amazing culture, beautiful temples, and the opportunity for meditation, yoga and a spiritual awakening all waits for you in Sri Lanka. Here you can also get one of a kind chance to experience Ayurveda – the traditional medicinal treatment that has been practiced for centuries and tries to help your body well better. The island also offers visitors the chance to experience the original yoga techniques which originated here, so in here, both your soul and your body will get that it needs for sure. And let’s not forget the real treat for the eye as well – Sri Lanka is just amazingly beautiful too!

San Benito


And we can’t forget to mention India here! Probably the best place where you can found yourself and heal your body is sometimes just around the corner. India is the real haven for any traveler who seeks to improve his mental and spiritual health, because not only this country is a birthplace of yoga, but is also a home for two world’s most biggest religions as well – Hinduism and Buddhism. Serene Yoga pavilions, Zen gardens, and hilltop retreats are waiting for you in India as well. Not to forget the best vegetarian meals that will help you to improve your health both in a physical and spiritual way.


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