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If you are planning to visit just a few of the most popular travel destinations in Asia and Australia, it can be really a tough job to choose those destinations as both Asia and Australia boast a limitless number of world class travel destinations. To make your job easier, I have chosen 3 places that you have to visit on your tour of Asia and Australia:

Byron Bay in Australia

There are so many iconic attractions in Australia, but you can expect to have some of your best experiences in Australia if you can manage to spend some days exploring famous Byron Bay in New South Wales. Home to lush rainforests, sweeping surf beaches, new-age retreats and great regional dining, Australia’s easternmost town offers limitless number of activities for tourists. You can indulge in a day spa, trawl the markets around the coast, kayak with dolphins, surf the famous waves or walk the Cape Byron Track to the trademark lighthouse. To enjoy all that Byron Bay has to offer, there can be no better way than to hire a campervan and explore at your own leisure. The spectacular beaches all along the coast boast of great surf culture that flows into the hippie tide washing from the hinterland.


Indonesia, made up of more than 18000 volcanic islands, is a country known for its lovely beaches, intriguing volcanoes, delectable cuisines, relaxing spas, Komodo dragons and orangutans, impressive diving spots, and friendly locals. The country boasts of a unique culture as it is home to hundreds of ethnic groups. The island of Bali is the most popular and most visited travel destination in Indonesia. Known as the island of the Gods, Bali boasts of diverse landscapes of barren volcanic hillsides, lush rice terraces, sandy beaches, rugged coastlines and hills and mountains. The natural beauty of Bali along with all the modern aminities in its hotels and resorts make it one of the most corwded travel destination in Asia. It has something for every traveler.

Love beaches, historical sites and nature? You are going to love these palces. That is why you should include these places in your tour of Asia and Australia. Explore these palces and have some experiences of lifetime!

Bagan in Burma

The temple town of Began is one of the main attractions in Burma. Spread across an impressive 26 square miles, this ancient town is mainly an archaeological zone containing huge number of Buddhist temples and ideal for a luxury holiday to Burma. It is regarded as the densest and largest concentration of pagodas, temples, and suptas along with ruins of many ancient sites. Many of the ruins date back to 11th and 12th centuries. The construction of all the buildings has great spiritual meanings. Some of the most renowned sites in Bagan include Ananda Pahto, Dhammayangyi Pahto, Shwezigon Paya, nan Paya, Sulamani Pahto and Shwesandaw Paya. Visiting these attractions you can have a complete idea of the local culture of Burma.



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