3 Incredible Places for a Luxury Birthday Escape

Birthdays are always a special occasion and that is why we always look for unique and exciting ways to celebrate them. If you are looking to celebrate your birthday in an incredible place, in a grand style or you are planning to surprise your friend or loved one on their birthday, consider the following unique places for a truly memorable and luxury birthday escapes:

A Castle in Ireland

Ireland is known for its wonderful and fairy tale style castles, and many of these have recently been converted into luxury hotels. So now you are allowed to stay and experience the medieval royal lifestyle in these castles. If you want, you can arrange a wonderful birthday party in a castle of your choosing. Upon your booking and request, the castle hotels in Ireland will create simply an incredible ambiance to celebrate your birthday. There are a number of great castles in Ireland, here are some that are well worth a visit (and a stay!): Clontarf Castle in Dublin, Turin Castle in Kilmaine, Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ballinlough Castle in County Meath and Ballyseede Castle in County Kerry.

A Stay at Claridges

Claridges hotel in London has been a revolution and pioneer in the field of luxury hotels. With sumptuously furnished, luxurious and spacious rooms, unparallel reputation of service, ‘30s-inspired cocktails, over 50 varieties of tea and classic and delicious pastries, and unique spirits, Claridges can be simply the perfect location to celebrate a birthday. The wonderful decoration of the hotel will amaze you and will ensure you love every second of your time there. There is a touch of grandeur in every part of Claridges so choosing it for your or any of your loved one’s birthday can be an unforgettable experience. It is regarded as the pinnacle of British elegance and is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed.

There are some incredibly unique locations to feel special in your birthday or make one of your loved ones surprised. So, decide which one of the above places you want to celebrate your birthday in 2016 and get ready to have your best birthday celebration.

A Log Cabin in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are a wonderful destination for so many different types of holidays. And celebrating your birthday in a log cabin in the Cotswolds can be a different experience. But don’t think it will be any less luxurious than celebrating your birthday in traditional ways. Most luxury log cabins in the Cotswolds are equipped with wonderful amenities that every top class luxury hotel should have. So, the most pleasing part of celebrating your birthday in a log cabin will be the location of the cabin as most log cabins are set in wonderful natural settings in the Cotswolds. If you are looking to surprise your loved ones by taking them to a unique place for their birthday, a log cabin in the Cotswolds can be simply the perfect place.




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