Ourdoor pool of Capri by Fraser @ Changi City


Capri by Fraser – the finest place to live in Singapore


Although I ignored Singapore this time around, I can proudly say I had a good reason. Capri by Fraser has been my home and office for eleven days in Singapore. I cherish a little bit of routine I can get on the road, and it was the perfect place to get a routine.


I made a cup of tea first thing in the morning while checking the email, and went down for the buffet breakfast. I worked until the lunchtime, usually in the room or at Hotspot (my favourite space in Capri by Fraser), and went out for lunch at the nearby foodcourt. Afternoon was full of work schedule, and worked out either at gym or swimming pool. After dinner and a short evening stroll, we went up to 5th floor to play X-box kinect sports at Spin & Play. Ended the day with a short TV show or a movie. It was a great routine.


Capri by Fraser


Capri by Fraser is a four-star hotel with a modern interior design and up-to-date style. What I liked the most about the hotel was that I felt home here. Of course, the comfortable bed and pillow didn’t hurt either. Just like what Jastina said, even if the society is changing and people need a new device like iPod player in the room, the most important factor of a good hotel doesn’t change: comfortable bed and good shower. Certainly, they fulfilled their goal.


Here are the photos from Capri by Fraser at Changi City, so you can see how great it is yourself.



The lobby at Capri by Fraser

The lobby at Capri by Fraser



Friendly Staff


Jin, pouring beer for us

Friendly staff at Capri by Fraser

Staff at Delight

Front desk



Diningroom and cafe

Dining room at Capri by Fraser




Steak for dinner

Tuna appetizer




Art piece by Lee Gil Rae, a Korean artist

Art piece David Kracov

Art piece David Kracov

Exterior art piece at Capri by Fraser

Art piece David Kracov

Art piece by Rainer Lagemann













Capri by Fraser from outside

Capri by Fraser from outside

Outdoor of Capri by Fraser


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