Walking on the edge of an active volcano: Mt.Bromo (click to see the bigger version)

Mount Bromo, A Spectacular Indonesia Mountain

Winter jacket, gloves, winter hat, hiking shoes, and hiking pants; we were prepared to see the sunrise. Even in Indonesia, we have to prepare for the low temperature when we’re 2,000 m high up from the sea level. Hiking up to Mt. Pananjakan was a lot harder than I thought. If it was not complete darkness, I would’ve been much harder. Nonetheless, it was worth the trouble. Mt. Pananjakan is the finest place to see the sunrise in East Java, not only it has a clear view to the east, but also you can look down the three majestic volcanoes: Bromo, Batok, Semeru. Mt. Bromo is the active one that breathes the smoke.

Among the complete dark-blue sky, bright venus and moon were glowing, waiting for the sun to rise. While we were looking for the Southern Cross, the sky was becoming orange and gold. Under the Javanese sun, the view couldn’t get any better. The sun slowly revealed on the east, and it shined the surroundings one by one. We were standing inside of the crater that created centuries ago. Glowing volcanoes under the fresh sun gave me a magical feeling. In the middle of Mars would look like this, I wondered.



#My trip to Indonesia was hosted by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia. However all the photos and contents are taken and written by me. 

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Reading this post and looking at your photos brought back a ton of great memories from Bromo (and some not so pleasant memories of our hotel there). What kind of kit/lens did you shoot these with? They look incredible!

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