*Location : Hwaumsa (Hwaum temple), Jeonra nam do, Korea

*Occasion : During Korean New Year’s holiday, I’ve decided to do a templestay at Hwaumsa. Templestay will begin right after you wear this grey robe. All of the cloths for Buddhist priest are in color grey. It is because, quote, No matter what color it has, only thing left behind is grey when it burnt. A bit of Buddhism you can look through.

It felt strange a little but as you can see, it’s very wide and comfortable. I could wear many layers underneath, and I don’t have to hold my breath to look good in it. 🙂

It is the only photo of full length photo. Somehow, I couldn’t do any worldly behavior in this cloth. I think that’s the power of it. So, I hesitated to ask someone to take a photo of me even I wanted to record myself with it. Next morning on the way to another part of temple through the bamboo bush, I see no one where and a proper height rock. There we go, self portrait. Did good.

During the short trip, and from the templestay I’ve learned my lessons, and I will share it with you through another post.

From the start, how do you like my new look? 🙂

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