Where do you go when you want to see the sand dunes? The Middle East or Africa? I thought so. But did you know, you can hike one in North America? True, in the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado; where the highest sand dunes in the continent are.

I have a thing for the desert; because of the quietness, nothingness and because of the mysterious sand dunes. The image of a desert; series of camel footprint on the orange colored sand in the sunset, gave me a chill when I think of it. The time and effort of nature, to create this magnificent mountain of sands, that’s just simply amazing. I thought I have to wait until I cross to another continent. But finally, before I hit the Middle East, I climbed one of the tallest sand dunes in the American continent.

The Great Sand Dunes are nature’s wonder

Nature’s wonder; that’s what it was. Surrounding mountains and the stream made this happen. It was starting to forming 440,000 years ago, and now it’s standing tall. When we were driving toward the National Park, we could see the dunes from afar. A thin brown glare on the ground. With the mountains in the background, it did look like an unreal thing. But it is, still forming and moving. It’s alive. The Great Sand Dunes are the living proof of evolution; insects, plants, and animals evolve themselves in years after years to become more suitable for the harsh environment.

We camped at the national park with the view of the dunes and hiked up the next morning. The sunset over the dunes was absolutely amazing. Because it’s near the monsoon season, the sky was wild with all the clouds and that made the sunset more dramatic. The highest dune is 750 feet, but that hike was HARD! Because it’s all sand, every step I took was sliding off from the hill. Eventually, I had to crawl to the top. However, the best part was sliding down the hill. Rolling, sliding, running and swimming in the sand was great. I felt like I became Scrooge McDuck swimming in the gold.

Certainly, it was one of the most memorable sites I’ve ever visited in North America.

Grass on the great sand dunesLong grass on The Great Sand Dunes

The Great Sand dunes and the tree

The Great Sand Dunes and the surrounded mountains

The great sand dunes in the evening

Fine sands on the great sand dunes

Walking on the great sand dunes

Wave of sand on the great sand dunes

The Great Sand Dunes almost at the top

Drinking water on the great sand dunes

Walking along the ridge of the great sand dunes

Sunset at the great sand dunes

Sunset at the great sand dunes

Insect lives at the Great Sand Dunes and his track

Standing on the great sand dunes

Evening on the Great Sand Dunes

14 thoughts on “The Great Sand Dunes are Simply Great”

  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!! It’s one of my favorite places. If you go in spring there’s a river that runs through the dunes, making it an even more magical place. Thanks for sharing my beautiful state of Colorado with your readers.

  2. Beautiful photos Juno! I didn’t realize the sand dunes were so extensive in CO– this reminds me of our time sandboarding in San Pedro de Atacama Chile. Did they allow sandboarding here or was that considered environmentally damaging? And did you camp on the sand? This is now on my must-visit list!

  3. So beautiful!!! I love the desert and I love dunes and I am happy you got to see this kind of landscape on your US trip 🙂 But remember Egypt is waiting… hehe:)

  4. WOW! We drive by these all the time- but we’re always on our way somewhere. Steve went years ago with a tour group when he was driving bus tours- but I haven’t been. Our next trip that direction will be planned with a stop. Those look amazing (great photos), We went to some dunes in southeastern CA, but they didn’t have the same incredible setting these have with the Sangre de Christos in the background.

  5. Juno, I’m loving these photos – especially the ones at sunset, and you just lying down on the dunes! I’ve never seen sand dunes before in real life, you’ve aroused my curiosity to go and visit! 🙂

  6. Fab photos! Love the final one in the evening light. Hadn’t considered it as a destination to add to my ‘must go’ list, but now on there!

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