One lazy afternoon in mid-summer, I got invited to go blueberry picking. I had hand picked blueberries but it was my first time to actually visit the blueberry farm. Fresh berries have been great pleasure on my USA trip.

Monadnock Berries, named after Mt.Monadnock which is the most frequently climbed mountains in the world. Here at the farm, you can not only pick your own berries, but also enjoy a spectacular mountain view. It was raining the day I was there, but in a clear day, you can see Mt.Monadnock afar.

Do you want some challenge? If you pick the biggest blueberry of the day, you can get the whole bucket of berries for free. I didn’t pick the biggest one, but I had some awesomely big blueberries. I didn’t even know blueberry can grow that big!

Ready for the challenge? Ready, Set, and go!

Wait! Don’t forget to grab a bucket!



Blueberry Farm


Blueberry farm

Stephen picking bluberries


Picking blueberry

our bucket!

Big Blueberry!!!

The biggest blueberry of the day
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Friendly goat at Blueberry farm


10 thoughts on “Size Matters: Blueberry Picking in New Hampshire”

  1. I love Blueberries as well, never got a chance to pick them! I recently picked strawberries in Malaysia and they were so good! I bet those blueberries were delicious!

    1. oh the explosion…. literally, sweet explosion in your mouth! Yes, I love it. 🙂 Lots of new experience in the US brought me a lot of joy. Truly!

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