Hanoi is humid and hot. It is a food heaven for good eaters and it has good markets for shoppers. Mostly, it has full of characters. You’ll never get bored.

Coming from China, Vietnamese characters gave me a different feeling. The Chinese character is not so exotic to me since I can read and write most of them. But Vietnamese is different. It looks just like English but it really is not. It has 6 different tones; you can see it on the top and the bottom of the each letter. And just like speaking Chinese, they won’t understand you if you’re not using the right tone. Four tone was hard enough but six tones? I’m scared to even try it.

Anyway, Hanoi back street is crowded with not only motorbikes but also all the signs to lure the customers. Sim card, all the food, advertisements, and messages. It was rather fascinating to me.

I captured some of the scenes and letters around Hanoi while I was walking around. It wasn’t easy; because I had to make sure that I wasn’t in danger with all the motorbikes. But yes, I got fascinated by the letters and the scenes around Hanoi. It entertained me for four days.

Small Restaurant Hanoi Vietnam
Small Restaurant in Hanoi Vietnam
Sim Card Hanoi Vietnam
Buying Sim Card is Easy in Hanoi
Lake Hanoi Vietnam
Buildings near Lake in Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh Museum Hanoi Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi Vietnam
Hanoi Train Station
Hanoi Train Station
Hanoi Back Street Vietnam
Hanoi Back Street
Temple of Literature Hanoi Vietnam
Temple of Literature in Hanoi Vietnam
Danger Sign Hanoi Vietnam
Danger Sign Hanoi Vietnam
Bia Hanoi Vietnam
Bia Hoi
Advertisement and Laundry in Hanoi Vietnam
Advertisement and Laundry at backstreet in Hanoi Vietnam
Coffeeshop Hanoi Vietnam
Coffeeshop in Hanoi Vietnam
Lenin Statue Hanoi Vietnam
Lenin Statue in Hanoi Vietnam
Wisdom Temple of Literature Hanoi Vietnam
The Letter Means ‘Intelligence’ at Temple of Literature in Hanoi Vietnam
Bun Ca Hanoi Vietnam
Bun Ca in the street
Advertisement Hanoi Vietnam
Advertisement in Hanoi Vietnam

19 thoughts on “Scenes and Letters of Hanoi, Vietnam”

  1. Very cool photos. I know next to nothing about Vietnamese (or Chinese, for that matter), so just looking at the letters has always fascinated me. It looks like a really interesting place, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Love the advertisement and laundry pic. Looking forward to seeing Vietnam soon with you and Stephen!

  3. Do you even know what the signs mean? Hehe! Well, seems like you really had a great time enjoying those advertisements. Is the food there really delish? Great shots by the way!

  4. Desmond Keller

    Vietnam is a really beautiful place. The scenery is amazing, and the building are just so cute. I am looking forward to visiting it during on of the coming vacations.

  5. I just love the photos you have shared here and they are all awesome! I just hope I can visit those places someday too.. Thanks for the great photographs too..

  6. Billy Harvey

    This article served many interesting information’s which are totally new to me. I was unknown about Vietnam. So, i have learned more about Vietnam from this article. Also i want to visit Hanoi.

  7. Charlenevans09

    To be honest, I love the the park and other tourist spots in Hanoi but I can say that Hanoi should implement cleanliness in their place. Thanks for sharing those photos.

  8. The Vietnamese and Chinese are both beautiful languages yet I agree that they are complicated to learn. The photos are great and Vietnam would be a fascinating destination. I would love to get to know their culture.

  9. I haven’t been to Vietnam and I guess these photos are definitely awesome! I just love these photos so much! I hope you can even post more too..

  10. I agree that they are complicated to learn. The photos are great and Vietnam would be a fascinating destination. I would love to get to know their culture. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love the architecture in Hanoi – that blend of imposing Soviet architecture and monuments, the grand French architecture, the traditional Vietnamese buildings and the ornate decorations on the giant honeycomb of tube houses in the Old Quarter.

    Oh yeah, and the food’s great too.

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