Runaway Photo: The Eiffel Tower

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November 8, 2012
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Runaway Photo: The Eiffel Tower


Have you been to the Eiffel Tower yet? 


The biggest cliché of all in Paris probably visiting the Eiffel Tower. The public transportation isn’t really ideal, it’s far from the city center, there’s not much to do around the Eiffel Tower, and it’s always crowded with tourists. Nonetheless, during my visit to Paris, I determined to climb to the top during my visit to Paris, against all the travel tips I got from the travel professionals. Because? It’s the once in a lifetime thing.


I started the journey from Champ de Mars, where you can see the best view of the Eiffel Tower. It was about to getting dark, but I could still see the iron structure of the tower. While we’re hanging out in the park the sun set, and the tower lightened up. ‘How can a metal structure can be this beautiful?’, I was thinking.


The line wasn’t bad; waited just 5 – 10 minutes to buy the ticket to the top. 14 Euros we paid; the lift entrance for the top. You can also walk to the second floor and then take the lift but it only opened until 6:00pm. Since it was pass the opening time, we had to take the lift to the top. The lift was fast and smooth. The city was all lightened up, the Seine river was glowing with the reflecting lights, and the sky was dark-dark blue.


There was a notice board on the first floor that they are doing a construction for wind-power generator. I understood why when I hit the top. On the level of 896 ft, the wind was very aggressive. Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and I could see why. It was, really, romantic. On the top of that, there was a wedding proposal on the top of the Eiffel Tower. She looked very cold in her pretty black dress, but they looked really happy. What a night. What a night.

The Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars

The Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars

The Eiffel Tower from Champ de Mars

Under the Eiffel Tower

View from the Eiffel Tower

View from the Eiffel Tower

View from the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower


Juno Kim
Juno Kim
Juno Kim, Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Juno set off for the wider world to pursue her passion for travel and storytelling. She traveled the world as an award-winning travel blogger and photographer, witnessing the everyday life of different cultures. Currently based in Anchorage, Alaska and exploring this amazing Last Frontier. Follow my journey through @RunawayJuno and Instagram .


  1. Wow, awesome photos! I’ve got some of the Eiffel Tower at night but none this good. However, one of my favorite photos of all time is one of the Eiffel Tower. Love that second photo where the sun is setting but it isn’t dark yet.

  2. nikki wynn says:

    beautiful photos. We went at night and liked it much better than during the day.

  3. Paul Michael says:

    Beautiful photos—they truly capture the warmth and magic of the Eiffel Tower, the most perfect icon of the City of Love. So glad that you had a great experience there. We did, too—so much so that I was inspired to create a line of jewelry featuring an actual piece of the Eiffel Tower.
    May you always hold Paris in your heart and in your dreams!

    Paul Michael

  4. Julika says:

    Oh, wow, I should have gone up the Eiffel Tower in the dark! Paris looks amazing from above at night!
    It’s strange how I think of myself as not very much romantic and cliché-girly, but how I still consider a marriage proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower with a view like that as pretty much the most adorable thing in the world 🙂
    Awesome pictures! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece of romance 🙂

  5. Anita Mac says:

    Those night scenes are amazing. I have to go back and go up at night now! Loved it during the day – but those night shots are wicked!!

  6. Gorgeous photos Juno!! I think the Eiffel Tower totally deserves it’s high profile status. It’s a pretty amazing tower! Trudy and I love it there, whether we have a picnic out the front on a sunny day or visit at night for the light show!

  7. Sofie says:

    Great pictures!
    I just came back from a girls weekend in Paris. We visited the Eiffel Tower during daytime but it was too foggy to see it all the way up to the top.
    Nice surprise: there was an International Buddy Bears exhibition on the Champs du Mars: Bears representing different nations to promote tolerance and peace between religions, races and countries.
    It was my fourth time in Paris and by far my best time!
    If you’d like to know more about what I’ve seen and done there, feel free to check out my blog:-)

  8. Lori says:

    I had the chance to visit Paris late March this year. You can imagine that the Eiffel Tower was on my list of must see places while in this beautiful French city. And I wasn’t dissapointed 🙂 I reached the top floor at night, so I saw Paris by night from there – and I was in the elevator when the tower lit up 😉 It was a really great experence!

    • Juno Kim says:

      I’m so glad you finally visited Paris! It’s such a beautiful city, isn’t it? Going up to the top of the tower was worth it, it was so magical. 😉

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