Maraca (Ginger) at Finca Argovia, Chiapas


So Many Natural Colors at Finca Argovia

After almost a full day of traveling, I finally landed a small airport at Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. Lorena was waiting for me, holding a piece of paper with my name on it. We drove about an hour to this little sanctuary, named Finca Argovia. First two days at Finca Argovia was all about relaxation. I mean, there’s nothing better to do than sit on the porch, drinking a cup of organically grown coffee, listening the bird singing, and watching the afternoon shower. It was a great way to relax my tired self.

We went to a little tour to look around the property. Finca is involved in four businesses: coffee, tourism, produces, and flower arrangement. The peculiarity in Finca Argovia Resort lies in its abundant vegetation and diverse wildlife, where you can enjoy the morning a rich tropical environment and at nightfall, an atmosphere with gentle air currents cool night breezes that make your experience a pleasure. In all installations of Finca Argovia you can enjoy the direct contact with nature, this property has been cared for organically sustainable for more than four generations. I enjoyed seeing these exotic wild plants at Finca. Colors in nature are amazing, don’t you think?


Coffee plantation farmers use this plan to recognize their location, and the border between farms

You can make ice-tea with this plant

Yellow heliconias

This plant is named after snake's skin
This plant is named after snake’s skin
This is called a ‘pig’s tail’

Spiky palm tree
Coffee plant
Pink heliconia


#Disclosure: I was a guest at Finca Argovia as a part of ATMEX 2013 FAM trip. However the opinions are reflecting my own, not theirs.

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  1. We were at this resort in May 2012 and the proprietor Bruno is a great person. His staff is superb and they treat everyone like family. We were just there on a cruise ship excursion, so only spent about 5-6 hours with them, but it would be so nice to be able to spend a lot more time there. You would love to spend time there and the flowers and grounds are unbelievable!!!!

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