“So, what part of Washington is this monument modeled on?”

What could that be?! This is, apparently, the oldest joke in Washington DC, according to Lonely Planet.

Enough with the joke, the Washington Monument is the tallest building in the district with 555ft of height. When you look closely, you can notice the differences of stone, because it took two phases of construction to complete.

We spent one full day in Washington DC. Started with farmer’s market, #DCTravelTweetup, Smithsonian Air&Space museum, the Washington Monument and the White House. Washington DC has a lot, a LOT to see and do. Really charming city to explore. We end this day by walking around the Washington Monument and sun was about to set. Lovely view, don’t you think?



10 thoughts on “Runaway Photo of the Week: The Washington Monument, Washington DC”

  1. Oh, that’s a beautiful picture Juno! DC is a great place. I had the opportunity to see the Washington Monument during the 4th of July fireworks a while back, it was beautiful.

    1. Thanks Christina! Yes, I enjoyed DC very much. This monument was just a stone statue, if you look at it simply, but it was historical, and memorable place to look around. Can’t wait to go back and explore more! 🙂

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