Slight catch of Orion


#Location : Gyeonpodae (Gyeonpo beach), Gangwondo, Korea


It was the wedding day of my friend’s sister. Three of my friends drove to Wonju for the wedding, and soon after we drove again to Gangreng to go see a beach. We’ve been here before. Same friends, few years ago. We just came here, spent few hours and head back to Seoul. Gyeongpodae is one of the most famous beach in East coast. It is unbelievably packed in Summer, so I usually visit any beach in any other season than summer. It was early November, but weirdly warm that night.

I lied down on the white sand, felt sand squirming under my back, listend the ocean. Even though it was early November it was weirdly warm night.

Sky was purple, moon was bright.


Gyoenpodae (Gyeongpo beach)
Lying on the night beach



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