Pulau Besar beach


#Location : Pulau Besar, Melaka, Malaysia.

Pulau Besar a small island that 5km away from Melaka, Malaysia. The reason why I liked to stay around Mekela was because it has many historic sites including an awesome museum. Though I loved hang out in the town, it was too touristy. So a little getaway would be a good idea. I was with Jenny, we met in Singapore and shared the worst hangover night together, and I tagged along with her plan for the day to Pulau Besar.

It is very easy to reach by a ferry boat. There are few resorts inside of this island. You can stay here for jungle walk and beach holiday for few days. Pulau Besar also has few historic area of WWII but the main reason for the visit is for beach. We were there for half a day. It’s a easy one day getaway from Melaka city central.


This photo is actually would be one of the scene from the movie ‘The Beach’. It’s number one recommended book for South East Asia traveler especially for Thailand. Clair, a friend I met in Jeju island told me about this book and that she has been there. I started read this book and this is probably what would the fishing group looks like, I thought. I will find out when I watch the movie. I haven’t seen it yet. It’s waiting for the right time to be watched.
Fishing men at Pulau Besar


Pulau Besar is easily reachable with a short jetty ride. About two hours.



Loved the white sand beach. Pulau Besar is famous for this white sand beach.

We bought these sarongs at a local market. This became my travel companion ever since. I bring it everywhere. It is a dress, a blanket, a scarf, a skirt, a beach towel and sometimes an actual towel. And you know, it’s pretty!

White sand and sarongs


Can’t leave out the palm trees in a tropical island.

Palm trees in Pulau Besar


More photos from Pulau Besar is in Runaway Juno Flickr photo album.

16 thoughts on “Runaway Photo of the week: Pulau Besar, Malaysia”

  1. My friend went travelling around South East Asia and he says that The Beach was the book that reminds him of his travels the most. 🙂

    I do love those photos. So gorgeous.

    1. Pulau Besar means Big Island and not Big Beach. Its the biggest island off Malacca hence its name. FYI theres another Pulau Besar Off Johor which has better beaches. Other Islands worth visiting are Perhentian..Redang..Tioman . The beaches here are clean and crystal clear.

  2. Hi! I’m planning to go there end of this month and probably stay at one of the resorts for 2 days. Right now I’m not sure if I should bring along my kids tandem stroller. I don’t want to drag the stroller over there just to find out I can’t use it, what with the sand and all. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi, it’s quite a well built resort I think. It’s popular getaway place for locals. If you are staying at resort, I recommend you to call them and ask if you can rent one. I didn’t stay at resort so I don’t know about that but they will help you I hope. 🙂

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