“Did you know, Montpelier is the only capital without McDonald?”

“Ah… I think I’ve heard about that.”

“AND! Did you know, there’s no Walmart in Montpelier?” 


Mr.Myers, a nice gentleman who I met in Warren General store, said proudly. He just bought a same scarf that I picked up from the store, and said “I think we boys can work with the purple!” while wearing the purple scarf around his neck. We met Mr.Myers on the way to Breadloaf Wilderness for two days of hiking in the Green Mountains. The roads were blocked due to hurricane Irene, and Mr.Myers kindly guided us through his town to avoid the damaged road.

Two days later, we headed to Montpelier, where there is nether Walmart nor McDonald, according to  our friend, Mr.Myers. He was right, Montpelier was not only doesn’t have McDonald, it was a small and charming town. If we weren’t in a hurry to go Harpoon brewery tour in Windsor, VT, I would love to spend more time in Montpelier. I visited few old book stores, local clothes shops, souvenir shops and walked small streets around the town.
Welcome to Montpelier!

Map of Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont

Bookstore at Montpelier Vermont

Local art at Montpelier, Vermont

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Juno and Vermont State Capital at Montpelier

7 thoughts on “Only Capital without McDonald: Montpelier, Vermont”

  1. That’s really interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that any city in the U.S. didn’t have a McDonald’s. Good for Montpelier! I haven’t been to Vermont in ages, but your posts are bringing back nice memories of that beautiful state.

    1. Thanks Cathy. Isn’t it interesting? 🙂 Honestly, the whole Vermont state has that kind of vibe and I really loved it. Concentrate on their local businesses, support each other, very good and active farmers’ market… Of course can’t leave out the beautiful scenery.

  2. That’s an interesting fact! Funny how we can have superlatives according to fast food chains! I recently found out the southernmost McDonalds is in Invercargill, New Zealand. Who would have known… Great that Montpelier has a farmers’market – I love those. Didn’t get a chance to visit Vermont much during my recent road trip through New England, but am glad you’re enjoying your tour!

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