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Astronomical Clock of Olomouc, Czech Republic


Astronomical clock in Olomouc, Czech Republic is the most popular attraction in Olomouc, Czech Republic. It is located on the west side of the main square, outside of the town hall building. Everyday at noon, big crowd gather here to see the performance of astronomical clock. When the time comes, twelve figures on the top is moving with the traditional local music and finishes with the rooster howling.


The original clock is dating from 1420, the clock was remodeled approximately once every century. The final days of the war in May 1945 the clock was ruined by the Nazi German army. As a result of the serious damage, the clock was reconstructed by the Soviets during 1948 – 1950 in the style of socialist-realism.



On the upper part


The religious and royal figures were replaced with athletes, workers, farmers, scientists and other members of the proletariat, while the glockenspiel was altered to play three pieces of traditional local music.


Astronomical Clock Detail: Upper

Astronomical Clock Detail: Rooster

Astronomical Clock Detail: people

Astronomical Clock Detail: People


On the lower part


The lower dial represents the earthly sphere and indicates minute, hour, day, month, year and phase of the moon. The upper dial represents the heavenly sphere and shows a star map, the sun, earth and planets against a background of the twelve houses of the zodiac. The third and highest level is where the saints and apostles once paraded during the daily musical display at noon. Their role is now performed by faded-looking volleyball players, auto mechanics and factory workers.


Astronomical Clock Detail: constellation

Astronomical Clock Detail:

Astronomical Clock Detail: year

Astronomical Clock Detail: Year





The intricate background mosaic covers the clock’s entire height of 14 metres and has representations of the twelve seasons and two traditional festivals; the ride of the kings and the procession of maidens.


Astronomical Clock Detail: mosaic

Astronomical Clock Detail: mosaic

Astronomical Clock Detail: mosaic

Astronomical Clock Detail: mosaic


4 thoughts on “Olomouc Astronomical Clock – Czech Republic”

  1. This is kinda cool, Juno – I’d never heard of this before until now. I wonder what it looked like originally, before its Soviet makeover…I think I’d rather see a king on the clock than a volleyball player. Although volleyball players ARE sexy…I’m confused now.

  2. This looks fascinating. I’m heading to Europe including the Czech Republic next year and I think the Olomouc Astronomical Clock will make it onto the must see list. It looks like it has just the right mix of history and kitsch to amuse me.

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