Temple stay is more than simply stay in the temple. For me, it was the opportunity of surrounded  by a majestic mother nature: Jirisan (Mt.Jiri) and putting myself in the solitude. Nothing was familiar in the temple life, quietness was deeper than the dark night sky, and the sound of moktak was peacefully spreading to the woods. Recommended bed time was 9:00 pm, and the morning prayer session was 3:30 am. Trainees (that’s what they call to temple stay guests) and all the people in the temple are living with the different time zone.

Surprisingly, temple stay is not about religion. Yes, we have to attend the praying, three times a day, and yes, we are sitting with monks but it’s more of meditating, learning and respecting. It was enlightening. The night was freezing cold, but the entire time, I felt like getting a warm hug from mother nature, or Buddha, possibly.

Here are photos from my Temple Stay at Haweomsa, in Jirisan. Hwaeomsa was constructed in Silla dynasty in the year 544, has lots of National Treasures of Korea.


Iljumoon of Hwaumsa


Temple Stay Guesthouse


Temple Stay Rules and Schedules in the room


Temple Stay Room at Hwaumsa


Hwaumsa in Jirisan (Mt.Jiri)


Hwaumsa Bumjongjak (Bell)


Gakhwangjeon and National Treasure Tower at Hwaumsa


Daewungjeon at Hwaumsa (The Main building)


Pre Evening Prayer Bell Ceremony


Pre Evening Prayer Drum Ceremony


Temple an the night sky of Jirisan


Night sky at Jirisan Hwaumsa


Breakfast at 6am


Hwaumsa at Dawn


Bamboo forest in Jirisan with the Temple Stay robe


Spring at Hwaumsa


Jirisan Hwaumsa








7 thoughts on “Jirisan Hwaumsa Temple Stay in Photos”

  1. Ugh, I can’t WAIT to come back!

    I only went hiking in Jirisan but it was absolutely gorgeous! A temple stay is definitely on my list for the new year!

    1. It was a great experience for me as well. I hiked Jirisan before but it was a different trail back then. Want to go back to different trail!

  2. Great post, Juno, and loving the photos – especially the third one, and the last one. I’ve always contemplated doing a temple stay here, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it. I think I should probably consider it as I sure am due a digital detox and could do with some time to contemplate! Although like George posted above me, 3.30am….not a fan! I’d probably have to go to bed earlier in order to get my 8 hours of sleep and not be super cranky!

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