Menu for Ramen. Say what?


Most of ‘the best food’ happened at a small local restaurant. Just like we say home cook meal is the best. Before I got really lost at Beppu, Japan, I had really memorable a bowl of ramen. Although, I had no idea what’s in it. It tasted good, so I didn’t really mind but curious. What’s in it..

It was a rainy day. Though it was a hot summer, a bit chilly for the rain. On the way to find a natural spa, I saw this little dining place up hill with a cutesy little pup tent. Kind looking old couple ran the place. I said Konnichiwa and looked up the menu. Oops, there it was, full Japanese menu board. Well, what did I expect, of course there’s Japanese, I was in Japan!

How did I order? Oh you know, the universal language of all time, body language. I ‘moo-‘ for a cow, I ‘oink’ for a pig, and you can guess what I did for a chicken. And I used my little bit of knowledge of Chinese character.

Ramen is an instant snack in Korea, considered as ‘Super delicious but I know it’s not so healthy but I can’t resist’ kind of food. Ramen I had in Japanese restaurant was totally different though. Basic ingredients are the same. Curly noodles, hot soup, occasional meat pieces and vegetables.. but the soup was really different. After that remen got on my ‘food to eat in Japan’ list and I got the chance at Beppu.

See how great that looks! Nothing weird is in it though, do you think? Looks pretty normal. And the soup was clear and delicious. Great choice for the rainy day.

Japanese food is somehow similar and different from Korean food. Basic ingredients are not so different in many kinds but I’ve noticed significant distinction of ‘salty’ and ‘sweet’. Subtlety of taste.. I love it.

Ramen at Beppu


And yes, I ate like the lightning. It was that good.

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17 thoughts on “Japanese ‘what’s in it’ Ramen”

  1. I love Ramen too! I didn’t realize that Korean Ramen and Japanese were so different. One of our favourite restaurants in Toronto is a Japanese/Korean restaurant, I wonder which one they serve there? If you make your way to Toronto, I will have to take you and you can let me know:)

    1. Yes it’s really different. 🙂 Well, Japanese has instant ramen as well though. In that case, that’s similar as Korean instant ramen. Okay, when I finally do Juno-go-round RTW, let’s put Japanese/Korean restaurant on the itinerary!!

    1. Of course. 🙂 That was a great bowl of ramen. mmm.. Ramen on a rainy day!! I really want to visit Chengdu someday. Like I said, West China. I will ask your advise when I decide to go!

    1. Oh really? I didn’t see any of them! Maybe there were shy when I was there. 🙂 Beppu was a nice town. It was raining when I was there, but I would really like the town for few days.

  2. I think the only reason I can enjoy the ramen we have here in the U.S. is because I have not yet been to Japan and had the real deal. Going to South Korea ruined me for average Korean food. I now schlep to San Francisco’s East Bay, or LA’s or NYC’s Koreatown, and still wax gastronomically nostalgic.

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